The 20 Favourite 'A-List' Island Escapes Of The Super-Rich

BermudaShutterstock.comKing’s Wharf in Bermuda, which topped the ‘A list’ islands list.

Few things say “you’ve made it” like owning an island home. But even among those who can afford such a luxury, some islands are much more coveted than others.

In their latest Candy GPS Report, Savills, Candy & Candy, and Deutsche Asset Management ranked the world’s top islands for real estate investment by ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) —
those with $US30 million or more to their names.

The report ranks the islands by the volume of UHNWI property holdings, transportation links to mainland markets, sources of capital and occupiers, tax regime, and real estate prices.

Bermuda, with its large number of billionaire residents, proximity to the east coast of the US, and no income tax, topped the list of “A list” islands. “Most homes are understated, built in the ‘Bermuda vernacular’ of painted stone with wooden shutters,” the report says. “Tucker’s Town is the area of the island where the ultra-wealthy congregate, enjoying some of the island’s best views and adjacent to the island’s best golf courses.”

Where else to the world’s super rich drop big money on island properties?

The map below, also from the Candy report, shows islands in various categories, including leisure islands, which are popular for second (and third) homes; relocation islands, for with individuals seeking tax breaks; city-linked islands, which are in commuting distance to metropolitan areas; and “private island hotspots,” where millionaires and billionaires buy up “the ultimate trophy asset,” according to the report — an island all of their own.

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