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August can be a slow month for marketers — it’s post-Olympics, pre-football, after all. So how have marketers managed to keep Facebook traffic high when there seems to be a lot less to talk about?This list of the top 20 consumer product brands that gained the most new fans on Facebook per day throughout the month of August shows how they attracted new “likes.”

The data was generated by Likester, which operates a marketing platform called Likester AdCenter. The list does not consider entertainment brands, celebrities, or other social media companies, like YouTube. 

#20 Guaraná Antarctica (Brazilian Soda): 19,503 Average Daily Likes

In honour of achieving 7 Million friends on Facebook, Guaraná's posts centered around 'friendship.' While this is a nice topic, it was the call to action that was smart. For each post, they didn't just ask fans to 'like' if they agreed with the statement, but to share the post with their own networks, for example: 'Share if your friends are practically brothers!' Therefore, exposing the brand's page to new Facebook users and generating over 19,000 new 'likes' daily, on average in August.

Facebook Page:

#19 Dove: 19,513 Average Daily Likes

#18 Levi's: 21,019 Average Daily Likes

Any time someone wants to know what the latest trends are at Levi's they should got to the Facbeook page. Levi's continues to drive new 'likes' by consistently posting the latest in Levi's styles on Facebook, often before the same styles hit the company website. The result is that a single Facebook post can collect more than 8,500 likes, and just as many shares.

Levi's Facebook Page:

#17 Budweiser: 21,120 Average Daily Likes

The Budweiser brand's strong affiliation with sports and parties, makes it easy for the brand to create posts that are both relevant (e.g. The Olympics, baseball), and entertaining (e.g. parties, beach). The summer lull is actually an advantage for Budweiser because so many people associate time off in the sun with drinking beer. For example, a simple image of a cooler full of Budweiser's with the tagline, 'Weekend travel tip: Be sure to pack all the essentials,' was able to collect over 49,900 likes.

Budweiser Facebook Page:

#16 Bis (Brazilian Chocolate): 22,031 Average Daily Likes

Throughout the month of August, Bis posted every single day, but not more than 3 times a day -- keeping the brand top of mind for fans while not being annoying. The reliability is key to both keeping existing fans interested and getting more fans to like the page.

Bis Facebook Page:

#15 Amazon UK: 22,520 Average Daily Likes

Very rarely does the Amazon UK Facebook page post anything other than a highlight of a new product they are selling, often accompanied by the promotion of a sale or deep discount they have available. Fans know what Amazon is good for, and they like the daily posts for the plethora of products the page promotes. The potential that you might learn about a sale or new product first on Facebook is what keeps new fans liking the page.

Amazon UK Facebook Page:

#14 Lay's: 23,563 Average Daily Likes

Lay's relies heavily on celebrity spokespeople and quirky content to drive traffic to Facebook. For example, this post generated 22,665 likes, 'LIKE this post if you'd eat a Bear Claw flavored Lay's chip!'

Lay's Facebook Page:

#13 Kit-Kat: 23,768 Average Daily Likes

Not surprisingly, the central theme of Kit Kat's Facebook posts is 'taking a break.' Kit Kat creates a lot of shareable 'meme' art, such as a Kit Kat version of the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster and a Kit Kit Mondrian desktop wallpaper.

Kit-Kat's Facebook Page:

#12 Chick-fil-A:

This summer marked the greatest PR frenzy of Chick-fil-A's history, catapulting it from a mostly regional fast-food chain to a national topic of conversation, after the company's management made homophobic statements. July's Facebook posts focused on combating and responding to news headlines. But August had hardly a mention of anything in the news, and nothing about gay rights. The posts focused on photo contests and new dipping sauces. Perhaps fans just liked the change in tone, but they especially liked the post on new dipping sauces. The key take-away here is to respond to fans and not to push your own agenda too much.

Chick-fil-A Facebook Page:

#11 Macy's: 25,451 Average Daily Likes

Fans love give-aways. Especially from the make-up counters at Macy's. Macy's posts creative and varied content but it is the freebies that really wins fans -- like this post about a new Lancome give-away that generated more than 19,400 likes.

Macy's Facebook Page:

#10 Dresses: 28,120 Average Daily Likes

Dresses was a bit of a surprise -- the lesser known online clothing retailer specialises in prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses. The Facebook page mostly focuses on new merchandise, but the posts that garner the most likes are those that create entire outfits for fans with everything from the dress to the shoes to the nail polish.

Dresses Facebook Page:

#9 Bud Light: 28,569 Average Daily Likes

Bud Light is America's biggest-selling beer and its Facebook page benefits from a gargantuan fanbase. For example, this unremarkable fan picture of a Bud Light being held in front of barbecue loaded with hot dogs and hamburgers got 83,660 likes.

Bud Light Facebook Page:

#8 Kohl's: 28,955 Average Daily Likes

Throughout August, Kohl's ran a series of fan contests, including the 'Shop it to Win it' contest, 'SHOW US YOUR CONVERSE' Contest, and the 'Create a Princess Vera Wang Outfit' contest which generated the majority of the brand's Facebook traffic for the month. The reward for the contests were various levels of Kohl's shopping sprees. Existing fans encouraged friends to 'like' the page so they too could have a chance at winning one of the many prizes.

Kohl's Facebook Page:

#7,6, & 5 Lancome: 40,430 Average Daily Likes

The fifth, sixth, and seventh spot for highest average daily likes in August goes to Lancome Expert Services (40,430), Germany (40,417 likes), and Worldwide (38,874 likes) respectively. The content for each page varies by audience and market, but the approach is the same for each: extensive product spotlights, and beauty tips. The brand continues to collect new fans because no matter which page they like, fans know they will be the first to learn about new products.

Lancome Expert Services Facebook Page:

Lancome Germany Facebook Page:

Lancome Worldwide Facebook Page:

#4 Walmart: 52,518 Average Daily Likes

Walmart Facebook posts that do not promote a specific product but instead state a question with a nice photo are the most successful for the brand. For example, this smart post of flatbread pizza that read 'like if you like homemade pizza!' resulted in more than 84,000 likes. Once you click on the image you are given the link to the product on Walmart's website. This mix of promotion and interaction makes it easy for existing fans and new fans to visit the page often without feeling like they are being marketed to all of the time.

Walmart Facebook Page:

#3 Amazon US: 68,676 Average Daily Likes

Amazon creates an environment with their Facebook page that easily attracts new 'likes' because it is both fun and beneficial. The posts with the highest number of likes in August were generally fan contests. The Gummy Army Sweepstake posts each generated more than 24,000 likes. The winner received a gummy army and a $500 Amazon gift certificate.

Amazon Facebook Page:

#2 Target: 78,383 Average Daily Likes

Target ran a charity promotion in August -- 'Give With Target' -- in which $2.5 million was given to schools as the number of likes the brand accumulated grew. Target's ongoing communication about the effort generated a steady stream of activity, peppered with the brand's self-effacing wit. (Example: 'Target Truth: Walking into the store always reminds you that your reusable bag is sitting at home.')

Target's Facebook Page:

#1 Coca-Cola: 114,535 Average Daily Likes

Consistently one of the top brands on Facebook, Coca-Cola understands what it takes to keep fans entertained, engaged, and excited about the company. August was an uncharacteristically slow posting month for Coca-Cola, but the company collected an additional 3.5 million Facebook fans anyway. The primary reason they were able to achieve this is because as existing fans posted about Coca-Cola they in turn drove new traffic to the brand's Facebook page.

In early September, Coke became the first brand to amass more than 50 million fans on Facebook. That's quite an achievement: Facebook's biggest brand is also its fastest growing.

Coca-Cola Facebook Page:

Curious how August compares to July?

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