The 20 Biggest Trials Of The Past 20 Years

OJ Simpson

After more than a month of testimony, a jury earlier this week found Casey Anthony not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee. In the end it was the evidence—or rather, lack of it—that set Casey free. Working only with circumstantial detail, the jury wasn’t convinced that this mother had murdered her daughter.

Whenever a trial is covered day and night as the Casey Anthony case was, it’s hard not to think of the granddaddy of all made-for-media court cases: O.J. Simpson’s trial for murder in the mid-1990s. That got us thinking—how does the Casey Anthony case stack up against the O.J. trial, and others of its ilk, in terms of mass media coverage?

To find the most-watched, most-covered cases of the past 20 years, The Daily Beast looked at dozens of high-profile trials since 1990, from mobsters to terrorists to pimps—from John Gotti to Ramzi Yousef to Heidi Fleiss. Only the top 20 made it to the final list.

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