20 Moments That Show Why The 2012-13 Miami Heat Was One Of The Craziest Championship Teams Ever

Chris Birdman Andersen

In a season that included 105 games including the playoffs, the Heat often looked unbeatable, but the season was never boring.

In the end, thanks in large part to the social media driven world we now live in, it can be argued that the 2012-13 Miami Heat were the craziest championship team ever.

There were moments both on and off the court that were entertaining, funny, and often jaw-dropping.

On the next few pages we’ll take a look back at the craziest moments of the Heat’s championship run.

LeBron gave a death stare to Cleveland fans who were booing him

They bucked tradition of on-court roles and played a style of ball called 'position-less basketball' as standard positions limited the players' all-around abilities

Source: ESPN.com

Kevin Garnett refused to acknowledge Ray Allen in their first match-up after Allen left the Celtics

LeBron greeted Robert Griffin III and hilariously left a Redskins fan hanging

Their Harlem Shake video was epic

The Heat continued to be overly obsessed with banners, raising one for LeBron's gold medal

The Heat went to the White House and LeBron was seriously giddy

David Stern punished the Spurs for not using their stars against the Heat during the regular season in Miami

And then Miami refused to play their stars in San Antonio and still won.

The Heat were almost as good at videobombs as they were at basketball

The Heat really became great when they signed Chris Andersen, winning 48 of their first 53 games with Birdman

Lil' Wayne claimed he got kicked out of a Heat-Lakers game because he was rooting for the Lakers

LeBron was even more excited than the fan that hit a $75,000 half-court shot

LeBron's profanity-laced tirade against the Pacers

Dwyane Wade wore a polka dot capri pants suit

Heat fans left game 6 of the Finals early and missed an epic comeback

At one point of game 6 of the NBA Finals, the Spurs had a 98.5% chance of winning the championship, but the Heat prevailed

And maybe the lasting image from this season will be Birdman's post-championship pose

Now check out the best images and GIFs from the Heat winning the title

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