The Top 19 Freebies That Baseball Teams Love To Give Away


Photo: Flickr/twomoreseconds

This week’s issue of Sports Business Journal features a roundup of the year in MLB promotions, which includes a list of the most popular giveaways at baseball stadiums this year.The free giveaway — slapped with at least one team logo and (usually) the name of a generous sponsor — has become a key peg in any team’s marketing strategy.

From “Magnetic Calendar Day” to “Team Backpack Weekend,” nothing makes fans feel more welcome at the ballpark than team-branded swag. Who doesn’t love free junk?

Yet, no matter what squad you support, you’re bound to see similar items all over the country.

Bat/Ball - Distributed 11 times by 8 different teams

Banner/Pennant - Distributed 11 times by 8 different teams

Helmet/Gloves - Distributed 11 times by 10 different teams

Rally Item - Distributed 12 times by 6 different teams

Blanket - Distributed 14 times by 12 different teams

Calendar - Distributed 16 times by 12 different teams

Figurine - Distributed 18 times by 11 different teams

Lunch Box/School Supplies - Distributed 18 times by 13 different teams

Photo - Distributed 20 times by 12 different teams

Cup/Mug - Distributed 23 times by 14 different teams

Retail Coupon - Distributed 28 times by 8 different teams

Jersey - Distributed 30 times by 17 different teams

Backpack/Bag - Distributed 34 times by 20 different teams

Toy - Distributed 37 times by 16 different teams

Magnetic Schedule - Distributed 39 times by 28 different teams

Poster - Distributed 47 times by 12 different teams

T-shirt - Distributed 72 times by 22 different teams

Bobblehead - Distributed 80 times by 25 different teams

Cap - Distributed 87 times by 27 different teams

Meanwhile, the players take home millions ... in cash

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