The 17 Athletes With One Million Twitter Followers

LeBron James

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Twitter has become the main medium for athletes to communicate directly with their fans and some have embraced it more than others.In the following pages we will show you the 17 athletes that have already reached the 1 million follower mark. A few of the names will surprise you. And there might even be one or two you have never heard of.

Here is the full breakdown by sports:

  • NBA (6)
  • NFL (2)
  • Soccer (2)
  • Golf (2)
  • Skateboarding (2)
  • MLB (1)
  • Tennis (1)
  • Cycling (1)
  • NHL (0)

Number of followers and most recent tweets were as of midnight…

17. LeBron James, Basketball - 1,031,067 Followers

@KingJames - Most recent tweet: styling and profiling! Lol

16. Ian Poulter, Golf - 1,060,536 Followers

@IanJamesPoulter - Most recent tweet: Can someone please tell me why this zip lock bag made my aftershave safe to travel on a plane, idiots

15. Lama Odom, Basketball - 1,078,661 Followers

@RealLamarOdom - Most recent tweet: Text to bring my wifey back! RT @KhloeKardashian: @KhloeKardashian is dead... Watch Khloe ...

14. Stewart Cink, Golf - 1,203,078 Followers

@stewartcink - Most recent tweet: Met and was interviewed by Brian Baumgartner (Kevin from The Office) today. Upon leaving, said 'Nice meeting you Kevin.' Dork.

13. Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Basketball - 1,212,607 Followers

@kaj33 - Most recent tweet: I am posting my comments about Leslie Nielsen's passing on my website bc I can't say it 140 characters

12. Cristiano Ronaldo, Soccer - 1,215,073 Followers

@Cristiano - Most recent tweet: boss have a great game on the pitch today, be great, I'll see you in a few weeks

11. Nick Swisher, Baseball - 1,254,968 Followers

@NickSwisher - Most recent tweet: And it's not just any baseball, it's the one @Baron_Davis and I signed after filming this video

10. Reggie Bush, Football - 1,429,958 Followers

@reggie_bush - Most recent tweet: Watching Beverly Hills Cop! One my all time favourites. I think Eddie Murphy should do a sequel. Bring it back!!!!

9. Chad Ochocinco, Football - 1,453,340 Followers

@ochocinco - Most recent tweet: I dig the new update for the #madchad app! Can't wait for the Christmas update!

8. Paul Pierce, Basketball - 1,673,320 Followers

@paulpierce34 - Most recent tweet: I'm gonna choose a @truthonhealth follower to win 2 tix to the Truth Strikes Again make sure u follow them

7. Ryan Sheckler, Skateboarding - 1,697,611 Followers

@RyanSheckler - Most recent tweet: check it out

6. Dwight Howard, Basketball - 1,752,935 Followers

@DwightHoward - Most recent tweet: Also! i need you to go to best barber and pick my man Reggie! from fades to fros .. lets get the W!!

5. Serena Williams, Tennis - 1,846,363 Followers

@serenawilliams - Most recent tweet: is digitally dead, but you can buy her life back. Text SERENA to 90999 right now and join the fight against HIV/AIDS

4. Tony Hawk, Skateboarding - 2,249,571 Followers

@tonyhawk - Most recent tweet: Sydney Bridge Climb, check.

3. Kak√°, Soccer - 2,366,627 Followers

@RealKaka - Most recent tweet: Parabens, bom retorno e cuida daqueles meninos la !! RT @elano_blumer: Galara to voltando pra casa

2. Lance Armstrong, Cycling - 2,686,267 Followers

@lancearmstrong - Most recent tweet: Someone pls tell @JuanPelota that inserting quarters before talking is a sign that #UNeedANewPhone. Upgrade dude

1. Shaquille O'Neal, Basketball - 3,360,482 Followers

@THE_REAL_SHAQ - Most recent tweet: and u kno this man

What do they do with all those followers?

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