The 16 Best Tech Super Bowl Ads Ever

1984macYoutube ScreenshotApple’s ‘1984’ Super Bowl commercial

While many think of beer and car advertisements when they think Super Bowl, the most significant ads in the game’s history have been from the tech industry.

It all began with two huge ads — Xerox’s “Monks” ad in 1977 and Apple’s “1984” ad in 1984. The groundbreaking ads have set the standard for the industry ever since.

With big audiences harder to find on television, Super Bowl advertising has become even more important. It’s a rare opportunity for brands to present to a massive audience that wants to see their ads. Last year, nearly 110 million people tuned in for the broadcast.

This year, Fox is charging an average of $US4 million per 30-second spot, topping last year’s record prices. It’s led some big advertisers to bail on the event, but, even so, tech companies like Squarespace and Intuit are jumping in to vie for a chance at tech ad history.

The big game may be Sunday, but we’ve collected the sixteen best tech ads in Super Bowl history.

Xerox, “Monk,” 1977

Apple, “1984,” 1984, “When I Grow Up…” 1999

E*Trade, “We Just Wasted 2 Million Bucks,” 2000

E*Trade, “Money Out The Wazoo,” 2000, “Family Pitch,” 2000, “Please Don’t Go,” 2000

EDS, “Cat Herding,” 2000, “Monkey Business,” 2005, “Broadcast Hearing,” 2005, “Witch Doctor,” 2008

Hulu, “Alec Baldwin,” 2009

Motorola Blur, “Megan Fox,” 2010

Google, “Search Stories,” 2010

Samsung, “The Next Big Thing,” 2013, “Dramatic Focus Group,” 2013

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