The 15 Worst Mutual Fund Managers Of Q1

The S&P returned +4.87% in Q1.

So which mutual fund managers cost their clients the most for investing with them instead of an index fund? 

It’s time to check out the 15 Worst Mutual Fund Managers of Q1!

A quick note: There are four repeat offenders on our list.

The #1 worst mutual fund manager for 2009 was Barry Ziskin (Z Seven). And Ziskin retains the title in Q1!

Rajendra Prasad (Prasad Growth), Connie Luecke and Randle Smith (Virtus), and Morgan Stanley‘s Michael Nolan, Helen Krause, and Arthur Robb are also on the list again.

Now, usually, several of the worst managers manage to make money, even while they’re costing their clients boatloads by underperforming.  But this quarter, every Worst Fund Manager lost money!

Now of course, this is just one quarter’s performance, and it’s the long-term record that matters. But when short-term returns look good, fund managers tout the hell out of them.  So we think it’s fair to do the opposite!

15. Brendan Baker, Nigel May, and Andrew Porter

Q1 return: -0.25%

Fund: Laudus Mondrian Global Equity Instl (LGEVX)

Size: $4,000,000

Top holding: GlaxoSmithKline PLC, Total SA, BP Plc, Novartis AG, Chevron Corporation

Source: Morningstar

14. David E. Marcus and Jae Chung

Q1 return: -0.60%

Fund: Evermore Global Value A (EVGBX)

Size: $4,000,000

Top holdings: NA

Source: Morningstar

13. Bob Becker and Benjamin Morton

Q1 return: -0.71%

Fund: Cohen & Steers Global Infrastructure A (CSUAX)

Size: $94,000,000

Top holdings: American Tower Corporation A, Vinci, East Japan Railway Co., Atlantia, Crown Castle International Corporation

Source: Morningstar

12. James Harries

Q1 return: -0.72%

Fund: Dreyfus Global Equity Income A (DEQAX)

Size: $10,000,000

Top holdings: Reynolds American, Inc., Vodafone Group PLC, Zurich Financial Services AG, Deutsche Telekom AG, Deutsche Post AG

Source: Morningstar

11. Jonathan Compton and Ian McCallum

Q1 return: -0.87%

Fund: Touchstone Global Equity A (TGEAX)

Size: $4,000,000

Top holdings: Touchstone Institutional Money Market, Royal KPN N.V., Goldcorp, Inc., Syngenta AG, Basel, Agnico-Eagle Mines

Source: Morningstar

10. John Derrick, Frank Holmes, and Romeo Dator

Q1 return: -0.98%

Fund: U.S. Global Investors Global MegaTrends (MEGAX)

Size: $26,000,000

Top holdings: Profunds Swap Security Gs

Source: Morningstar

9. Michael McGowan, Aaron Visse, and Jim O'Donnell

Q1 return: -1.55%

Fund: Forward Global Infrastructure A (KGIAX)

Size: $135,000,000

Top holdings: Williams Companies, Inc., TransCanada Corporation, E.ON Aktiengesellschaft, Atlantia, Vinci

Source: Morningstar

8. Connie Luecke and Randle Smith

Q1 return: -13.59%

Fund: Virtus Global Infrastructure A (PGUAX)

Size: $88,000,000

Top holdings: AT&T, Inc., Enbridge, Inc., TransCanada Corporation, Vodafone Group PLC ADR, Williams Companies, Inc.

(Down from #9 worst in 2009.)

Source: Morningstar

7. Charles Edwardes-Ker and Thomas George

Q1 return: -2.59%

Fund: TDAM Global Sustainability Instl (TDGFX)

Size: $12,000,000

Top holdings: Procter & Gamble Company, HSBC Holdings PLC, Rio Tinto PLC, East Japan Railway Co., International Business Machines Corp

Source: Morningstar

6. Michael Nolan, Helen Krause, and Arthur Robb

Q1 return: -2.72%

Fund: Morgan Stanley Global Infrastructure B (UTLBX)

Size: $396,000,000

Top holdings: Atlantia, Williams Companies, Inc., GDF Suez, Abertis Infraestructuras, S.A., Enbridge, Inc.

(Down from #8 in 2009.)

Source: Morningstar

5. Nicolas Huber

Q1 return: -3.60%

Fund: DWS Climate Change A (WRMAX)

Size: $74,000,000

Top holdings: East Japan Railway Co., Quanta Services, Inc., Vestas Wind Systems A/S, Calgon Carbon Corporation, Itron Inc.

Source: Morningstar

4. Eric Bjorgen, Steven Leuthold, and David Kurzman

Q1 return: -4.43%

Fund: Leuthold Global Clean Tech Instl (LGCIX)

Size: $26,000,000

Top holdings: China Valves Technology Inc, ADA-ES, Inc., Exide Technologies, Inc., Meyer Burger Technology AG, SMA Solar Technology AG

Source: Morningstar

3. David Schoenwald and Maurice Schoenwald

Q1 return: -6.93%

Fund: New Alternatives (NALFX)

Size: $267,000,000

Top holdings: Schneider Electric, South Jersey Industries, American Water Works Co Inc, Aqua America, Inc., Abengoa, S.A.

Source: Morningstar

2. Rajendra Prasad

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