The 10 Cities Every Single Guy Needs To Visit

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Photo: Republished with permission from Marquee Nightclub

Whether its the local sports team, regional brew or stellar nightlife, guys have their own concept of what makes a city, arbiter of all things dude, has just released its annual list of the 29 top cities for men to visit this year. We’re taking a closer look at the top 10; check out their website for the complete roundup.

#10 Melbourne

This easily navigable Australian city has food and nightlife from every culture and walk of life. It also has great events like the Australian Open, horse racing and a Grand Prix, to music and arts and lots of local bars.

Source: AskMen

#9 Marseille, France

It's less touristy than Paris with a Mediterranean feel. It's mix of old world architecture and new world nightlife will have you begging for just one more night.

Source: AskMen

#8 Hong Kong

The skyline and view of the harbor are breathtaking. The shopping, arts and culture, led by the Dragon Boat Festival, are not to be missed.

Source: AskMen

#7 Cartagena, Colombia

Colombia gets a bad rap because of Bogota, and rightfully so. But this Caribbean coast beach town has the beach nightlife and the beautiful women to see the country in a new light.

Source: AskMen

#6 New York City

The city life is everywhere, you just need to know where to find it. Brooklyn is emerging as a hotbed for arts, entertainment and sport, but you'll find something to do no matter where you go in NYC.

Source: AskMen

#5 Shanghai

It still has ancient elements like temples and gardens, but the Chinese epicentre is now a culturally diverse, financial and port hub home to festivals of art, film, music and sport.

Source: AskMen

#4 Washington, D.C.

In a presidential election year, DC is the place to be. Besides for all the political action, the dining and the nightlife have improved with the higher earning, younger residents that have come to this emerging city.

Source: AskMen

#3 Rio De Janeiro

What doesn't Rio have? Hot sunny beaches, a lush rain forest, a fantastic nightlife. And the world is starting to realise, as the city will host the World Cup in 2014 and the summer Olympics in 2016.

Source: AskMen

#2 Mumbai

A new rail and monorail system is expected to open this year, making travel around this great city even easier. It's the perfect mix of Bollywood and religion, with festivals to cater to every taste.

Source: AskMen

#1 London

Not only is London on the forefront of fashion and food, it's also home to the 2012 Summer Olympics, making this the perfect time to visit.

Source: AskMen

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