The 15 Best GIFs of Sir Alex Ferguson Show Why He'll Be Missed

Fox SportsSir Alex Ferguson was often quiet and reserved, he also could erupt at any moment. And if you watched Fergie enough you would eventually see the entire range of human emotions.

And that may be why he will be missed by so many. He was not animated just for the sake of being animated. But when the time was right, emotions poured freely.

As a result, Fergie was often the perfect subject for animated GIFs. On the next few pages we’ll take a look at some of the best from the last few years…

Fergie is never afraid to show some emotion

Even though he rarely smiles, Ferguson does have a lighter side

via FootballDaily

He's not a big fan of balloons

Fergie likes to dance

And he has a lot of moves

Other clubs hate 'Fergie Time,' in which United receives more extra time when they are losing

Fergie's face can get as red as Man U's jerseys

Ferguson is not intimidated by other managers

He'll sit in the seated area unless you make him angry


And he's not afraid to throw some salty language in the direction of the ref

He loves his players and his players love him


He gives better high-fives than Tiger Woods


When he is fooled into thinking it was a goal, he'll pretend like he just needed to adjust his glasses

via FoxSoccer

And sometimes he just needs a hug

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