The $11 Million Ads Plastered All Over College Football's Best Player

Cam Newton

Cam Newton is the leading contender for this year’s Heisman Trophy. He is also a walking Under Armour billboard.

A look at the Under Armour logos worn by Newton on Saturday afternoons shows that he has one logo on his jersey, one his pants, six on his shoes, four on his visor, and two on his wristbands. He also has one on the headband that is visible whenever he takes off his helmet and smiles for the cameras.

That is at least 15 Under Armour logos.

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There might also be one on each of his bicep bands and one on the back of each sock, but I couldn’t find a clear image of either.

Under Armour pays Auburn $10.6 million for the privilege of plastering its star player with logos.

And what does Newton get for brandishing at least 15 Under Armour logos? A scholarship – and about $3,000 in expenses not covered by it.

We have already discussed why the NCAA can’t pay their athletes. But unless they want to allow the advertisers to pay the athletes, they should stop taking advantage of the athletes and keep the manufacturer’s logos off the uniforms. Otherwise, there is little to distinguish a college athlete from indentured servants (who will look for any graft they can get.)

Under armour's logo is on Cam Newton's jersey…


…shoes (six times)…

…helmet visor (four times)…

…wristbands (twice)…

…and headband.

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