The 14 Weirdest Things You Can Buy From Apple

Walking into an Apple store, you don’t seen any junk lying around. Tables are free from clutter, but gadgets and accessories are generally kept on a specific wall or are only accessible to employees.

The same can’t be said for Apple’s online storefront.

The site’s accessory section is filled to the brim with gizmos and gadgets from third-party companies that do all kinds of things, from sensors that you strap onto your finger to measure oxygen levels in your blood, to a basketball that has sensors and can tell you how to play better.

In many ways, it reminds us of Brookstone, but only featuring knick-knacks that happen to be compatible with your iPhone or iPad.

I don't think this $US99 foosball case is what gamers meant when they said they wanted more-traditional controls for their iOS video games.

You can control the $US369 Parrot AR.Drone from your iPhone at a distance of about 165 feet. There's even a camera onboard that lets you record 720p video directly to your phone or tablet.

These $US649 skiing goggles with a built-in head-up display are the closest you're going to get to buying something like Google Glass from Apple anytime soon.

If you really need to step up your B-ball game, you can spend $US250 on this 'smart' basketball, which has sensors that can measure how you play and give feedback via an app on your iPhone.

For $US150, the iBaby monitor lets you watch your child from anywhere for up to 2 hours at a time. Its built-in motion sensors can snap a photo of your baby whenever he or she moves, and a speaker lets you sing to your baby from anywhere.

For $US100 more, the Smart Baby Monitor gives you the ability to look around your baby's room with a few swipes on your iPhone. There's even a night vision mode for when you don't want to disturb anyone's sleep by leaving the lights on.

If you're a fitness junkie and also like quantifying your life, the iHealth Wireless Pulse Oximeter will do the trick. For $US69, you can see how your body reacts to intense exercise by measuring your pulse and blood oxygen levels and save that data to an app on your iPhone.

By now, most people have seen the smart bulbs made by Philips and others that let you change their colours from your smartphone. But if you really want to get the rave-vibe going in your home, these $US90 strips of smart LEDs are definitely the way to go.

Not everyone needs to be able to monitor their blood pressure at any time of day. But for those who do, this $US99 wireless armband from iHealth is a good, portable option.

The Lytro camera lets you take photos with a simple interface and then change the point of focus later. It sounds cool, but most people have found it to be pretty gimmicky -- which is probably why the $US499 gadget has two stars on Apple's site.

Are you obsessive-compulsive about keeping your cords organised? If so, you might want to consider getting a $US25 five-pack of these funny-looking (and even funnier-sounding) 'cord tacos.'

Sure, your child's education is important. But we can't in good conscience recommend letting a child who's still learning his or her shapes (it's for ages 18 months to 3 years) play with your iPad -- unless it's an older-gen model you haven't recycled or sold yet.

This somewhat-unsightly mouse may not look like anything Apple offers, but for $US99 it will give you better comfort for long-term use than your standard cheap Bluetooth PC mouse.

While the DJ app for the iPhone and iPad lets you do some amazing live remixing of music, you need this $US349 external DJ controller to take your beats to the next level. That or, you know, you could buy actual DJ equipment and a Mac for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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