The 11 common features of Australia’s most successful companies

Australia’s Rohan Dennis on the podium after Stage 8 of the Amgen Tour of California in Sacramento. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Phil Ruthven, chairman and founder of industry analysts IBISWorld, has crunched the numbers on 1467 enterprises in Australia to find the best performing.

He worked out the 100 most profitable which he found had a return on shareholder funds of 57%, one of the highest returns ever recorded, with combined revenue of $72 billion.

Seeking themes, Ruthven found the single common characteristic of these successful companies is that they were focused on just one industry and not spread across sectors.

He also worked out a list of 11 common attributes. Ruthven says most in the top 100 would get a tick to the key success guidelines below:

Source: IBISWorld

“There is little excuse for bad performance, even in the complex and sometimes scary world we now operate in,” Ruthven says.