This New York City Pizzeria Is Selling A $1,000 Pie


The Indians tried to win the title for the world’s most expensive pizza, but chefs at Delhi’s Leela Palace could only get the price to $200 a pie.

While Malta still holds the record for the most expensive pizza in the world (surprising, but true), New York now offers a $1,000 pie that is sold at Nino’s Bellissima Pizza, New York.

Fortunately for us, the pizza bears absolutely no likeness to any face–royal or not (read the Royal Pizza to see what I mean).

But then, neither does it come stuffed with crisp dollars as this one did. The $1,000 pizza was created by Selimaj of Nino’s Bellissima Pizza after an entire year of research.

The pizza comes on a creme fraiche base with four types of caviar, sliced lobster tail, salmon roe and some wasabi. Each $250 slice contains a different kind of caviar. Those who have tried it claim that while its a fabulous experience, and that it does not taste like a pizza at all.

What surprised us the most is that despite its steep $1,000 price tag, Nino’s actually sold about two to 10 pies every week. However, with the global financial crunch, this came down to once every couple of weeks each month.


 This post originally appeared at The Rich Times.