The 10 Worst Central Bankers In The World

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Global Finance magazine is out with its annual report cards for the world’s most central bankers.The grades, which range from A to F, are based on banker’s success in controlling inflation, fostering economic growth, and managing interest rates.

The 10 best central bankers have been successfully navigating a turbulent global economy.

These 10 bankers have not been up to the task and score lowest according to Global Finance.


NOTE: The grades were provided by Global Finance.  The economic metrics were sourced from Bloomberg and Citi Investment Research & Analysis.

Mercedes Marcó del Pont, Argentina

2012 Grade: D

2011 Grade: D

Core inflation: 9.8% (official number, independent estimates are higher)

Unemployment: 7.5%

Benchmark interest rate: 14.125%

Source: Global Finance, Banco Central de la Republica Argentina, Bloomberg

Pedro Delgado, Ecuador

2012 Grade: D

2011 Grade: N/A

Core inflation: 5.09%

Unemployment: 5.19%

Benchmark interest rate: 0.2%

Source: Global Finance, Bloomberg

Masaaki Shirakawa, Japan

2012 Grade: C-

2011 Grade: C

Core inflation: 0.2%

Unemployment rate: 4.4%

Benchmark interest rate: 0.1%

Source: Global Finance, Bank of Japan, Reuters

Duvvuri Subbarao, India

2012 Grade: C

2011 Grade: B-

Core inflation: 7.0%

Unemployment rate: 3.8%

Benchmark interest rate: 8%

Source: Global Finance, Central Bank of India, Bloomberg

Andras Simor, Hungary

2012 Grade: C

2011 Grade: C

Core inflation: 3.49%

Unemployment: 11%

Benchmark interest rate: 7%

Source: Global Finance, Bloomberg

Kim Choongsoo, South Korea

2012 Grade: C

2011 Grade: C

Core inflation: 1.36%

Unemployment: 3.1%

Benchmark interest rate: 3%

Source: Global Finance, Bloomberg

Nadezhda Ermakova, Belarus

2012 Grade: C

2011 Grade: N/A

Core inflation: 10.5%

Unemployment: 1% (only officially registered unemployed counted, real number may be higher)

Benchmark interest rate: 12%

Source: Global Finance, Bloomberg

Gill Marcus, South Africa

2012 Grade: C

2011 Grade: C

Core inflation: 4.42%

Unemployment: 24.9%

Benchmark interest rate: 5%

Source: Global Finance, South African Reserve Bank, Bloomberg

Nguyen Van Binh, Vietnam

2012 Grade: C

2011 Grade: N/A

Core inflation: 5%

Unemployment rate: 2.29%

Benchmark interest rate: 9%

Source: Global Finance, State Bank of Vietnam, Bloomberg

Riad Salameh, Lebanon

2012 Grade: C

2011 Grade: A

Core inflation: 6%

Unemployment rate: 9.7%

Benchmark interest rate: 10%

Source: Global Finance, Banque du Liban, Bloomberg

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