The 10 Weirdest Ad Stories Of The Month

Fotoshop by adobe

Photo: Screengrab

Why is President Obama advertising window cleaner in Israel?Why does the “Purity Bear” want to protect your virginity?

And why does this Spanish ad agency believe genital amputation might sell a pizza in the shape of a boomerang?

The answers to these questions—and others—all occurred in January 2012.

Finally, someone did the consumer needs breakdown of the Ramones and the Misfits.

Boys: Protect your virginity from teen girl predators with the Purity Bear!

Nothing creepy about this. Nothing at all.

The most epic pizza commercial ever.

It's an ad agency self-promo video. (Warning: There's a penis amputation at about 1.43.)

This is what cigarette advertising for women looked like in 1988.

A complete gallery of women smoking in shoulder pads, Diane Keaton hats and high-waisted pants can be seen here.

In Israel, Obama is a window cleaner salesman.

Noticed by Copyranter.

Syracuse will take down billboard emphasising how distracting to drivers billboards can be—because it's too distracting.

Very clever viral video for 'the world's slimmest TV' has gotten 4 million views thus far.

It appears to be a security camera video, but then ...

Former paratrooper thinks 'Modern Warfare 3' advertising is 'hideous.'

Writing in The Atlantic, former Special Operations vet D.B. Grady says this ad is:

'So base and strident that it's hard to believe that it's not deliberately offensive ... The advertisement trivializes combat and sanitizes war. ... after 10 years of constant war, of thousands of amputees and flag-draped coffins, of hundreds of grief-stricken communities, did nobody involved in this commercial raise a hand and say, 'You know, this is probably a little crass. Maybe we could just show footage from the game.''

Introducing Fotoshop by Adobé: the beauty treatment that the stars use.

'Finally look the way you've always dreamed!' (Video by Jesse Rosten.)

It was inevitable, really: 'S*** nobody says about advertising.'

'Hell yeah I want a free credit report!'

Now see how P&G decided to lay off 1,600 people after its CEO discovered Facebook ...

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