The 10 U.S. Cities With The Fastest Broadband

Hayward California airport

Photo: AP

Yesterday, we took a look at parts of the U.S. where broadband still isn’t available.That’s depressing stuff, but we’re not all doom and gloom around here, and some areas in the country have terrific Internet.

Akamai just released its quarterly State of the Internet report, which includes a look at broadband speeds across the country and the world.

Via Streaming Media, here is the good news for America.

#10 Olympia, WA

Olympia is the only Washington city that made it on to this list -- based on average broadband speed. But the state absolutely dominates the rankings if you look at average maximum speeds instead.

#9 San Mateo, CA

No surprise here:

San Mateo was the early headquarters of YouTube.

#8 Oakland, CA

Who would have guessed Oakland had better broadband than San Francisco?

#7 Staten Island, NY

The post office treats New York City's boroughs as separate cities, and apparently so does Akamai.

This is something of a stunner.

#6 Walnut Creek, CA

Walnut Creek is just outside Oakland, loves Apple products, and has great Internet.

Living the Bay Area dream.

#5 Hayward, CA

Yet another San Francisco Bay city, Hayward is just across the San Mateo Bridge from the #9 city.

#4 Capitol Heights, MD

D.C. suburb Capitol Heights is by far the biggest shocker on this list. This is not a high-income area.

We suspect that most residents don't have broadband at all, and that the fast speeds are taken from a relatively small sample.

#3 Fairfield, CA

Walmart HQ is no doubt enough to single-handedly drive a significant amount of infrastructure investment.

#2 Riverside, CA

More California, but this isn't the Bay.

Riverside is a neighbour to Hollywood, and home to a large facility from health giant Kaiser Permanente.

#1 Monterey Park, CA

Monterey Park has a lot going for it to make this possible.

It is in Los Angeles County, it has a median household income of over $40,000 a year, and it has grown very quickly over the past few decades thanks to a steady stream of Taiwanese and Chinese immigrants.

So those are the happy stories, but don't miss:

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