The 10 States Most Screwed By Spiking Oil Prices

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Last year’s oil spike might have caught some people off guard, but when the second spike comes, there will be no excuses.

Most, if not all, oil experts, say $100+ oil is an inevitability over the next few years, thanks to collapsing production and emerging markets.

When the spike comes, some U.S. states are going to have it worse than others, according to new research publish by the Natural Resources defence Council.

The NRDC’s analysis found that “drivers in every state were more vulnerable in 2008 than they were in 2006,” and “while some states are pioneering solutions and many are taking some action, a fair number of states are still taking few (if any) of the steps needed to reduce their oil dependence.”

The sad thing for most of these states is that it seems like it’s out of their hands. The NRDC recommends more public transit, promoting clean vehicles, and better fuel technologies. The last two seem like problems that deserve national solutions. (And they are receiving national attention.)

The 10 States Most Screwed By Spiking Oil Prices →

#2 Montana

Drivers in Montana spent 8.07% of their income, or $2,762.94, on gasoline in 2008.

In 2007, Montana was number 20 on this list and in 2006 it was 22. So it's getting worse. Montana has a renewable fuel standard in place, so we'll see if that helps.

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