The 10 richest self-made women in Australia


BRW magazine has released its 2015 Rich Women list.

Few will have heard of Vicky Teoh, the richest self-made woman in Australia with a fortune estimated at $938 million.

Teoh came to Australia from Malaysia in the 1980s and founded TPG Telecom.

Here’s the top ten from the BRW list:

Vicky Teoh: Has 18% of TPG Telecom. She is worth $938 million.

Charlotte Vidor: Established the Toga Group which owns serviced apartment and hotel brands Adina, Medina, Vibe and Travelodge and prawn-farming company Seafarm. She is worth $385 million.

Hazel Rowe: Founded Super Retail Group which has the brands Super Cheap Auto, Rebel and Ray’s Outdoors. She is worth $376 million

Patricia Ilhan: She and her husband founded mobile phone chain Crazy John’s. She is worth $366 million.

Rhonda Wyllie: Rhonda Wyllie sits on the board of here late huband’s Wyllie Group. She is worth $358 million.

Nicole Kidman: The actress is worth $331 million.

Jude Turner: She and husband Graham founded the Topdeck Travel company, the forerunner of Flight Centre. She is worth $316 million.

Jamuna Gurung: Commercial property and private education college Melbourne Institute of Technology. She is worth $264 million.

Imelda Roche: The founder of Nutrimetics. She is worth $326 million.

Penelope Maclagan: Co-founded Computershare with her brother. She is worth $198 million.

The full list is HERE.

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