The 10 Overall Worst Jobs In America

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We all have bad days at work. But is your job statistically one of the worst in the world? provided a ranking of 200 jobs, from best to worst. The most dismal jobs require intense physical labour and harsh conditions. They don’t pay too well and won’t get you on a good career trajectory.

Some of these employees even face threats to their lives.

10. Broadcasters

Broadcasters are constantly put on-the-spot and have to eloquently deliver the news live. They work long hours and the chances of finding a better job are very unlikely. Broadcasters make $27,324.

9. Butchers

Butchers have the grisly task of preparing meat for human consumption. Health standards and metrics lead to job stress. There are also workplace hazards involved with all the sharp cleavers and knives laying around. Butchers make $29,156.

8. Dishwashers

Dishwashers make a career out of one of the most dreaded household chores. They spend long hours on their feet, carrying dishes back and forth and get little emotional satisfaction from the work. And their career outlook is very low. Washing dishes will make you $18,044.

7. Meter readers

Meter readers figure out your utility bill. Because the job requires a low level of skill, they're viewed as being replaceable and don't have great job prospects. Their jobs also require lots of travelling and arguing with customers. Their average salary is $35,171.

6. Waiters and waitresses

Wait staff spend long shifts on their feet. They take the brunt for slow cooks or a wrong order and don't have a great outlook for their career. They also have among the lowest salaries: a job waiting tables averages just $18,088.

5. Newspaper reporters

Reporters work long hours with high levels of stress to meet deadline. Their career prospects are shrinking as media companies consolidate. And for working longer hours than a business executive, you'll get paid $35,275.

4. Oil rig workers

Oil rig workers perform maintenance on the rigs and pipelines. They are unlikely to advance in their careers and report that the work is physically tiring. The job is also more dangerous than average, leading to some stress. Average pay is $32,132.

3. Enlisted military soldiers

Soldiers face the most danger and stress of all. Even if you're technically off-the-clock, the threat of deadly weapons never fully goes away. Members of the military report incredibly high stress and dangerous working conditions. They make an average of $36,261.

2. Dairy Farmers

Dairy Farmers face around-the-clock work in every kind of weather. Facing constant competition from the big guys, their outlook for the future is negative. And there's the matter of getting cows to cooperate that leads to high stress. Dairy farmers work among the longest hours but make only $33,119.

1. Lumberjacks

Lumberjacks don't get very far cutting down trees: prospects for career growth are very low. Harsh conditions working outside in all weather and the danger of falling timber lead to high stress. And for all that, you'll make only $32,114.

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