The 10 Most Surprising People to Show up At The Wall Street Protests

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Occupy Wall Street has attracted plenty of notable visitors of the liberal persuasion—the Alec Baldwins of the world.

But the encampment at Zuccotti park has also drawn some notable members of the 1%—the people the protesters are supposedly against—as well as several zany celebrity appearances by stars not known for their political views.

Peter Schiff

To his credit, economist and stockbroker Peter Schiff did what many in the financial industry are presumably too afraid to do--he showed up at the protest, announced his membership in the 1%, and asked for a dialogue.

Video here, from his blog.

Mike Bloomberg

The mayor of New York--and financial-data billionare--is in many ways responsible for the ultimate fate of the protests.

His visit was very brief (Mediaite).

Kanye West

Kanye's gonna let you finish, but he had the best poltical protest of all time.

Kanye came by with rap mogul Russel SImmons and kept his bling on (Daily Intel).

Katy Perry

The megastar, accompained by husband Russell Brand and repeat visitor Russell Simmons, made her own pilgramage to the park (NY Daily News).

Unlike the others on this list, Perry seemed to be avoiding being recognised--the singer and her hubby were rocking the celebrity sunglasses/hat combo.

Jeff Greene

The billionare real estate investor went 'undercover' for Forbes--the only 1%er who would agree to do so. (No cover necessary--no one recognised him.)

Greene came away unimpressed. The former Democratic candidate for a Florida Senate seat thought the crowd was mostly tourists, found the protesters uninformed, and called the whole thing 'much ado about nothing' (Forbes).

Meghan McCain

The conservative blogger and daughter of the man who lost the presidency to Barack Obama made a trip to Zuccotti to research a piece. Cheers to her for doing her own groundwork rather than trusting the media echo chamber.

Gothamist pointed out that some of her Twitter followers were unhappy that she was 'daring to speak with hippies.'

Victoria Jackson

The former SNL castmember came by and interviewed protesters.

It wasn't widely known during her tenure on the show, but Jackson is actually quite far to the right politically.

The wife of a bank employee

Stacey Hessler has been catching a lot of heat for leaving her family to join OWS. Her husband manages a SunTrust bank in DeLand, Florida.

Hessler is committed; she says she's staying 'forever.'

The best-dressed cop in New York

Rick Lee has been absolutely blowing up the blogosphere--he even got a GQ interview. He does community affairs for the NYPD, and is almost unquestionably the most well-tailored person at Zuccotti.

He's also four months shy of retirement--at 45! He may not be the 1%, but the NYPD is treating him well.

Deepak Chopra

The spirituality guru brought his Oprah-approved peaceful vibes to the protests.

When Chopra visited us, he called the work environment 'very serious'--too much so. Come back and give us another chance, Deepak--we have a ping-pong table now!

On a more serious note, now check out OWS's plans for a game-changing national convention >>

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