The 10 Most-Liked CEOs In Tech This Year

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GlassDoor asked about 280,000 employees whether they approved of their CEOs.From that, they created a list of the most-liked CEOs in technology.

The rankings are actually kind of surprising, with a lot of CEOs at enterprise technology companies beating CEOs at more “sexy” consumer companies like Amazon.

GlassDoor checked ratings between March 16 last year and March 15 this year.

It’s important to remember that GlassDoor is a site where a lot of employees go to complain about their employers.

10. Jeff Bezos

Company: Amazon

Approval rating: 79%

Last year: 84%

9. Meg Whitman

Company: Hewlett-Packard

Approval rating: 80%

Last year: 67% (Leo Apotheker)

8. Larry Ellison

Company: Oracle

Approval rating: 81%

Last year: 72%

7. Dan Hesse

Company: Sprint Nextel

Approval rating: 85%

Last year: 77%

6. Joe Tucci

Company: EMC

Approval Rating: 86%

Last year: 88%

5. Paul Maritz

Company: VMWare

Approval rating: 90%

Last year: 78%

4. Paul Otellini

Company: Intel

Approval rating: 93%

Last year: 90%

3. Larry Page

Company: Google

Approval rating: 94%

Last year: 96% (Eric Schmidt)

2. Paul Jacobs


Approval rating: 95%

Last year: 88%

1. Tim Cook

Company: Apple

Approval rating: 97%

Last year: 95% (Steve Jobs)

One of the top 5 is responsible for some crazy tech...

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