The 15 Most Influential Women in Finance

Mary Schapiro of the SEC

Photo: AP Images

One thing immediately stood out to us on Treasury & Risk’s 100 Most Influential People in Finance for 2011. The women!

There are only 15 of them on the entire list.

What’s more, many of them are in corporate finance, so the ranks in Wall Street are even thinner.

Carol Fox

Title: Director of Strategic and Enterprise Risk Practice, RIMS

Source: Treasury & Risk

Anita Prasad

Title: General Manager of Treasury Capital Management, Microsoft

Source: Treasury & Risk

Kiko Harvey

Title: VP of Risk Management, Delta Air Lines

Source: Treasury & Risk

Elaine Paik

Title: Corporate Treasurer and VP, Colgate-Palmolive

Source: Treasury & Risk

Kristi Matus

Title: CFO, USAA

Source: Treasury & Risk

Christine McCarthy

Title: EVP and Treasurer, Walt Disney

Source: Treasury & Risk

Laurel Meissner

Title: Global Controller and SVP, AON

Source: Treasury & Risk

Ann Yerger

Title: Executive Director, Council of Institutional Investors

Source: Treasury & Risk

Margaret Foran

Title: Chief Governance Officer, Corporate Secretary and VP, Prudential Financial

Source: Treasury & Risk

Ann Marie Petach

Title: CFO, BlackRock

Source: Treasury & Risk

Maya MacGuineas

Title: President, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

Source: Treasury & Risk

Anne Clarke Wolff

Title: Global Client Executive, Treasury & Securities Services J.P. Morgan

Source: Treasury & Risk

Mary Schapiro

Title: Chairman, SEC

Source: Treasury & Risk

Kathleen Hughes

Title: Managing Director and Head of Global Liquidity Sales, Goldman Sachs

Source: Treasury & Risk

Angela Merkel

Title: Chancellor of Germany

Source: Treasury & Risk

Here's a possible reason that there weren't more women on the list...

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