The 10 most important things in the world right now

US president Donald Trump listens to Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. Photo: Ludovic Marin/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Friday.

1. US president Donald Trump says his “fire and fury” threats from North Korea may not have been tough enough. So promised an “event the likes of which nobody’s ever seen” if North Korea attacks Guam.

2. And yes North Korea is playing hardball, but it’s actually willing to talk — and possibly make peace with Trump. Business Insider’s Alex Lockie reports the North is probably bluffing about a missile strike. Here’s its strategy explained.

3. Meanwhile, Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull says his country will “come to the aid of the US” if North Korea attacks. “The United States has no stronger ally than Australia,” he said. Australia currently spends around $A32 billion annually on defence, less than 2% of GDP.

4. China should be neutral if North Korea fires first on the US. The editorial from Chinese state-run newspaper The Global Times sends a signal to its most important ally and trading partner that it can’t expect support for its plan to fire missiles near the US Pacific territory of Guam.

5. The City of London is going to suffer with or without a Brexit transition deal. According to the latest EY ITEM Club forecasts, conditions are likely to be tough next year as the effects of higher inflation on economic activity feed through.

6. CCTV will be compulsory in all abattoirs in England. The new rules, to be phased in over the next year, are part of government plans to monitor animal welfare.

7. Scotland is getting its first polymer £10 note. The new note, which features images of Scottish mathematician and astronomer Mary Somerville, will also include braille to help the visually impaired.

8. As many as 10 European countries have been sold contaminated eggs from the Netherlands. Denmark is the latest country to discover that its retailers have been sold the insecticide-tainted eggs with twenty tonnes worth being identified so far. The insecticide can damage people’s kidneys, liver and thyroid glands if eaten in large quantities.

9. A cyberattack in Venezuela shut down dozens of websites and left millions without cellphone service. A group that calls itself The Binary Guardians claimed responsibility for attacks targeting government websites, the supreme court and the National Assembly.

10. A Chinese court threw a gang of 14 hooligan grannies in jail for up to 11 years for demanding loan repayments using “provocative and disturbing behavior”.

And finally…

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