The 10 most important things in the world right now

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Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Friday.

1. US vice president Joe Biden was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Biden became emotional when receiving the highest US civilian honor, in a surprise ceremony presented by president Barack Obama at the White House.

2. Theresa May’s proposed Brexit crackdown on student immigration “could cost the UK £2 billion (AU$3.25 billion) a year”. A report from the Higher Education Policy Institute suggests that up to 31,000 EU students could be deterred from coming to the UK if the Home Office makes European students pay the same university rates as non-EU nationals after Brexit, which would represent a 57% decline.

3. BuzzFeed sold $25,000 in “failing pile of garbage” merchandise and will donate all proceeds to a press freedom group. It comes after Trump used the description to refer to the website during a press conference. Trump was furious at the digital news outlet for publishing a 35-page memo full of unverified claims about him.

4. Biden says he and Obama were briefed on the Trump, Russia dossier. He says they were briefed because intelligence officials were worried that the information might be leaked. “It’s something that obviously the agency thinks they have to track down,” Biden said.

5. A yoga teacher was arrested in Russia under an anti-terrorism law that scrutinises “non-traditional” religions. Computer programmer Dmitry Ugay was detained by police in St Petersburg while giving a talk at a festival about the philosophy behind yoga.

6. Japanese people are living so long that the country’s definition of “elderly” could change. Members of the Japanese Gerontological Society have proposed changing the threshold for “elderly” status from 65 years old to 75.

7. Obama is ending the “wet foot, dry foot” policy giving residency to Cubans arriving in US. This means Cubans who arrived in the US without visas will be turned away instead of gaining residency.

8. A brawl broke out during a vote by Turkish parliament on possible changes to the country’s constitution. The changes would allow president Erdogan to appoint and dismiss government ministers. Critics say the changes would fuel authoritarianism.

9. Mexico’s raucous gas-price protests have turned a major border crossing into a flash point. The military has had interven to aid customs officials so that they could carry out inspections of vehicles entering Mexico.

10. After $40 billion pledge from China, Nigeria tells Taiwan’s capital office to pack its bags. Nigeria’s request reiterated its support for Beijing’s “One China” policy, which demands that countries break official relations with Taiwan.

And finally…

This video of an Australian TV journalist arguing with a colleague over what they’re wearing has gone viral

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