The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Thursday.

1. The UK has increased growth forecasts from 1.4% to 2% in 2017 in its Spring Budget. The figures reflect unexpected resilience from British economy since Brexit vote.

2. But it’s based on the assumption that annual net immigration will remain high after Brexit. Overall the message the UK government’s delivered was that the national economy remains stable and resilient.

3. The public spat unfolding between the White House and the FBI is “truly unprecedented”. Never before has an FBI director requested the US Department of Justice to release a public statement rebuking Trump’s claim. But James Comey just did.

4. US officials knew the CIA was breached in 2016 — and they think the WikiLeaks data dump is the real deal.

5. US Marines just deployed on the ground inside Syria. The move shifts more conventional personnel into the country and represents a new escalation of the US’s involvement there.

6. US Congress just passed a bill that tells NASA to send humans to Mars by 2033. Now it’s up to president Donald Trump to sign the bill into law — or veto it.

7. Malta’s iconic Azure Window has collapsed. The popular limestone formation collapsed after gale-force winds belted the island over the past few days.

8. Uber’s self-driving cars are allowed to come back to California. But the ride-hailing company doesn’t immediately plan to pick up passengers.

9. It’s now easier to become a permanent resident of Japan. The Japanese government just loosened the requirements for applicants with multiple degrees and earn a high salary as the country seeks to bring on more workers with advanced skill sets.

10. Barcelona just scored 3 goals in the final 7 minutes to comeback in the UEFA Champions League. With the win, Barςa advances once more to the Champions League quarterfinal.

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