The 10 most important things in the world right now

Australia’s Richie Porte receives medical assistance after falling during the 181,5 km ninth stage of the 104th edition of the Tour de France cycling race on July 9, 2017 between Nantua and Chambery. Photo Phillipe Lopez/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Monday.

1. The UK economy is slumping as business output falls and consumer spending continues to shrink. The latest BDO Output Index fell to 94.9 in June, down from 95.4 in May, leaving business output at a four-year low. The slump leaves UK business at the point of contraction.

2. A fire at the Camden Markets overnight took more than three hours and 70 firefighters to get under control. This morning in London, firefighters were continuing to dampen the blaze, which engulfed three levels of popular tourist attraction. The cause is not yet known.

3. British prime minister Theresa May’s offer to give EU citizens in the UK “settled status” after Brexit is under fire. European Parliament Brexit chief negotiator Guy Verhofstadt and leaders of four of the parliament’s main groups say the proposal offers Europeans in the UK fewer rights than Britons in the EU.

4. It looked like a joint US-Russia coalition tasked with combating cyber threats and boosting cybersecurity was on the cards after US president Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin met for the first time over the weekend. The news left cybersecurity experts up in arms, with some saying it would implicate the US in Russia’s propaganda. Trump later threw cold water on the idea.

5. Trump’s son agreed to meet a Kremlin-linked Russian lawyer after being promised compromising information about Hillary Clinton. An article in The New York Times on Sunday cited three advisers to the White House who were briefed on the meeting and two others with knowledge of it.

6. The US laptop ban has been lifted on two more airlines. Kuwait Airways and Royal Jordanian have become the latest Middle Eastern airlines to let passengers take laptops in the cabin on US-bound flights. Etihad, Turkish Airlines, Emirates and Qatar Airways became exempt last week.

7. Australian rider Richie Porte has crashed out of the Tour de France. Porte took a horrific fall during stage 9 of the race, breaking his pelvis and collarbone in the process. He was in fifth position at the time of the incident and a contender for the yellow jersey.

8. Tens of thousands of people have protested at the Turkish Opposition’s “justice” rally in Istanbul. It was the biggest protest event in several years by critics of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

9. The Iraqi government says it has recaptured Mosul from the Islamic State. Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory in the “liberated” city on Sunday — the biggest defeat yet for IS extremists.

10. Wildfires are whipping across the US and Canada, destroying a smattering of homes, forcing thousands to flee and temporarily trapping children and counselors at a California campground.

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