The 10 most important things in the world right now

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson speaks ahead of Prime Minister Theresa May during her last campaign visit the day before Thursday’s snap general election. Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Thursday.

1. It’s election day in the UK. PM Theresa May has been trying to keep the focus on Brexit after what many view as a complacent campaign by the Conservatives saw an expected landslide victory disappear. As Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn gained ground, May went to ground. Channel 4 News anchor Jon Snow used Twitter to shame May into an interview. The polls have tightened with around 20% of Brits expected to vote tactically.

2. Footage has emerged of the dramatic moment the London Bridge attackers were gunned down. The Sun published video of police shooting the three terrorists. Meanwhile, the death toll has been increased to eight after police found a body in the River Thames.

3. Former FBI Director James Comey’s prepared testimony is “the most shocking single document” since Watergate, according to one observer. Comey faces the Senate Intelligence Committee today and will say President Donald Trump asked him for his loyalty during a dinner in January and requested in an Oval Office meeting in February that he drop the FBI’s investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

4. Trump feels “completely and totally vindicated” by Comey’s opening statement, according to his attorney, Marc Kasowitz. “The President is pleased that Mr. Comey has finally publicly confirmed his private reports that the President was not under investigation in any Russian probe,” he said in a statement.

5. Qatar is falling into a socioeconomic death spiral. One of the richest countries in the world is in trouble after its Arab neighbours severed diplomatic relations, accusing Qatar of supporting Islamist terrorist groups and Iran.

6. ISIS slaughtered 163 civilians in one day to prevent them from fleeing western Mosul. UN’s human rights staff reported seeing the bodies Iraqi men, women and children on the streets of the al-Shira neighbourhood, shot dead by Daesh to prevent them from leaving as coalition forces close in on the group’s last stronghold.

7. North Korea fired a salvo of anti-ship cruise missiles 200km into the sea from its coast on Thursday, according to South Korea’s military. It’s the first launch from the Hermit Kingdom since May 29, when at least one short-range ballistic missile made it 450km into the Sea of Japan.

8. The collapse of British Home Stores cost Sir Philip Green’s UK retail empire £26.4 million ($AU45m). That figure is for “exceptional administration costs” related to the collapse of BHS, according to accounts filed this week. And that amount is on top of the £363 million ($AU623m) Sir Philip personally agreed to pay to fund the BHS pension scheme. Declining sales at High Street outlets, such as Topshop and Dorothy Perkins, led to writedowns of £100 million ($AU171m) in total.

9. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick took over the company’s lactation room to meditate. Board member Arianna Huffington recounted his behaviour as the company reels from sexual harassment allegations and news that has fired more than 20 employees as part of an internal investigation into bad behavior at Uber.

10. New York police have arrested 33 suspected members of a Russian crime syndicate for various offences, including stealing 10,000 pounds (4500kg) of chocolate.

And finally…

New Zealand winemaker Villa Maria is threatening legal action against UK supermarket Sainsbury’s for selling wines with similar labelling

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