The 10 most important things in the world right now

Batting on… Prince Philip , Duke of Edinburgh speaks to John Stephenson as he opens a new stand at Lord’s Cricket Ground on May 3. Photo: Arthur Edwards /Getty Images

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Thursday.

1. Brits head to the polls today. Five weeks before Theresa May’s snap general election polls are now open for mayoral elections in six English regions, while 4,851 council seats across England, Wales and Scotland also up for grabs.

2. Queen Elizabeth’s staff have been summoned to an “emergency” meeting at Buckingham Palace. That’s not of itself unusual, but the fact that the details were sent out at 3am led to widespread speculation. The Queen and Prince Philip are believed to be alive and well.

3. Theresa May’s post-Brexit EU immigration plans are “unfeasible”. The Institute for Government says the UK government must accept that the free movement of people needs to continue for several years after Brexit, and that a new immigration system won’t by ready by the April 2019 departure date from the EU.

4. The US House of Representatives will vote on the Republican Obamacare replacement bill today. It’s the Trump administration’s second attempt and most projections believe outcome is close, but Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is confident they have the numbers to pass it this time.

5. Facebook has revenue of $US8 billion, and nearly 2 billion users. The social media’s company’s results revealed revenue growth of 49% in 2017’s first quarter, well above expectations, thanks to strong mobile ad growth.

6. Emmanuel Macron looks set to become France’s next president. He faced off against rival Marine Le Pen in a bitter live TV debate on Wednesday night, and was declared the winner in an instant poll. More importantly, he appears to have a 20 point lead, 60% to her 40%, on his far-right rival ahead of Sunday’s second and final poll.

7. Tesla is building 100 new stores all over the world . The company plans to add 30% more retail, delivery, and service locations ahead of the Model 3 launch, Tesla said its first quarter investor letter. Meanwhile, Elon Musk says the Model Y mini SUV will roll out in 2020.

8. Markets are getting worried about China. Tighter financial regulations have rattled investors and Chinese government bond yields have surged to their highest level in almost two years, with 10-year bonds soaring to 3.536%.

9. The Chinese embassy in North Korea has advised Korean-Chinese residents to return home. Beijing is worried the North’s continued missile testing may provoke an attack from the US, The Korea Times reports.

10. NASA’s Cassini spacecraft crossed between Saturn and its innermost rings of ice with amazing results. The incredible images are just a taste of the data NASA scooped up (and will continue to get) by flying its $3.26 billion mission into uncharted territory.

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