The 10 most important things in the world right now

Indonesia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi (R) talks with her Australian counterpart Julie Bishop during a meeting on the sidelines of the India Ocean Rim Association (IORA) meetings in Jakarta on March 5, 2017. The Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in March. Indonesia, the current Chair of IORA, will host the first ever IORA Leaders’ Summit on March 7 in Jakarta. Photo: Adek Berry/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Monday.

1. US president Donald Trump has asked Congress to investigate Barack Obama. He has called for a congressional investigation after claiming via Twitter on the weekend that Obama ordered wiretapping of phones in Trump Tower weeks before the election.

2. The FBI asked the US Justice Department to reject Trump’s claim. FBI director James Comey, who would have had to sign off on any tap, said Trump’s claim is false and has no supporting evidence. The Justice Department has yet to release a statement.

3. North Korea fired four ballistic missiles — and three landed in Japanese waters. The missile testing is believed to be retaliation to annual US and South Korean military exercises, which began on March 1.

4. Talks between Britain and the EU over Brexit are becoming “increasingly pragmatic”. UK Chancellor Philip Hammond says the mood music of the negotiations has changed since British prime minister Theresa May set out her blueprint for Brexit in January.

5. Record-breaking US stocks are a bad reason for the Fed to raise interest rates. Fed officials suddenly signaled in unison, without major changes in the economic data, that an increase in interest rates is coming this month.

6. China cut its growth target to 6.5%. Premier Li Keqiang made the announcement at the opening of the annual meeting of parliament on Sunday. The figure is down slightly from last year’s forecast of between 6.5% and 7%, but some observers believe it might be the floor, rather than the ceiling, for Chinese GDP growth.

7. Four in five British homebuilders have gone out of business in the last 30 years. It comes as Britain’s eight largest builders build more than 50% of houses, making it very difficult for smaller builders to operate.

8. Iraqi forces have launched a fresh push against ISIS in Mosul, but the hardest fighting is still ahead as the Iraqi advance approaches densely populated sections of the city, where narrow streets and alleys would require them to dismount armored vehicles and advance on foot.

9. An Afghan family with US visas were unlawfully detained at Los Angeles International Airport for several days. The father, mother and three children aged 7, 6, and 8 months were granted Special Immigrant Visas because family members risked their lives to defend the US government overseas.

10. Koalas have started doing something experts didn’t expect, and it looks like climate change is the cause. The marsupials, known for getting their moisture needs mostly from gum leaves, have been spotted increasingly drinking open water.

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