The 10 most important things in the world right now

Stockholm. Getty Images.

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Tuesday.

1. North Korea had been spotted moving a suspected ICBM towards its west coast. In response, South Korea has scrapped a weight limit on its warheads in an effort to better respond to North Korea’s nuclear threat.

2. Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull is set to speak with US president Donald Trump tomorrow to discuss the developing situation in North Korea. The last time the pair had a phone call it made international headlines for all the wrong reasons.

3. Hurricane Irma has been upgraded to a category four storm with warnings issued for several Caribbean islands and Florida in the US declaring a state of emergency.

4. The UK terror threat level will likely remain set as severe “for at least five years”, according to a senior British counter-terrorism officer at Scotland Yard. There are currently about 600 active counter-terrorism investigations in the UK.

5. Brexit secretary David Davis is set to brief UK MPs on last week’s negotiations with the EU. It comes after prime minister Theresa May said the UK is ready to “intensify” talks rather than stick to its one-week-a-month schedule.

6. First minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon is set to lay out plans for the Scottish government for the coming year, and has promised it will be her “most ambitious plan ever”.

7. The Bank of Scotland is the most complained about financial business in the UK — again. In the first six months of 2017 the Financial Ombudsman said it dealt with 20,541 complaints about the firm. Only 22% of those complaints were upheld.

8. France and Germany will work together on measures to reinforce carbon pricing in the European electricity sector and want an agreement on the EU’s carbon market reform by November

9. Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan has accused German politicians of indulging in populism after chancellor Angela Merkel said she would seek an end to Ankara’s EU membership talks.

10. If you own an apartment in Stockholm, you’re earning $AU1,300 a week just by living. In the past 10 years, living costs have roughly doubled in the Swedish capital, and the current average square meter price of 95,000 crowns ($AU14,997) for an apartment in the central districts surpasses European megacities such as Paris.

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