The 10 most important things in the world right now

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Hello! Here’s what’s happening on Wednesday.

1. US President Donald Trump is heading to Las Vegas on Wednesday, after the Sunday night shooting which has now killed 59 people plus the shooter. The motive behind the attack is still unknown but the shooter’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, has returned to the US and is said to be with authorities. Recently released body camera footage from Sunday night shows officers on protecting civilians and running towards gunfire.

2. Puerto Rico’s mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz, has admonished Trump for what she saw as ill-advised comments while visiting the hurricane-affected island. Cruz has called Trump a “miscommunicator in chief” after he downplayed the extent of the devastation as the US territory’s death toll has climbed to 34.

3. The European Union parliament has voted to delay Brexit negotiations. In a motion backed by 557 votes to 92, parliament decided there hadn’t been “sufficient progress” and negotiations would not progress to discuss the future of the UK and European Union. The issues of contention appear to be the UK’s approach to financial settlement as well as clarification of citizens’ rights and the Northern Irish border.

4. Thousands of workers walked out to attend protests in Spain on Tuesday. The strike was in response to police actions during Catalonia’s referendum, which reports say injured 900 people and have created a “feverish” atmosphere. In response, Spanish King Felipe VI made a rare televised address criticising the Catalan government.

5. North Korea says it’s watching Britain “carefully” after its defence secretary Michael Fallon called Kim Jong Un’s regime reckless for its nuclear programs. A state-linked news agency responded by saying that while North Korea does not consider the UK an enemy, their willingness to fight North Korea may make Pyongyang change its mind.

6. Reports have now emerged that, in 2016, North Korea tried to smuggle 30,000 rocket-propelled grenades into Egypt. The freighter carrying the munitions was registered in Cambodia, and occasionally turned off its transponder in apparent attempts to avoid scrutiny. Egypt is a North Korean economic partner and one theory is that the Egyptian military was the intended recipient of the shipment.

7. After a tumultuous few months, Uber’s board of directors have agreed to have an IPO by 2019. The momentous decision was just one part of a busy 24 hours for the world’s most valuable privately-held tech startup as its new CEO attended a “constructive” meeting with London’s transport regulator after Uber lost its operating license last month.

8. Amazon is also expected to make headlines on Wednesday as the European Commission announces its finding regarding back taxes in Luxembourg. There are expectations that Amazon will need to pay a bill worth several hundred million euros for operating with a tax-minimising setup in the small European nation.

9. US Supreme court has heard a long-awaited case on partisan gerrymandering. Gerrymandering occurs when political districts are drawn that give one party a lopsided advantage. The case before the court concerns districts made in 2010 by Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin. The outcome of the case could essentially overhaul the American election process.

10. China’s Super Golden Week has led to traffic woes, crowds and delays across the country. The annual week-long celebration is traditionally a time for domestic and international travel. This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival holiday also falls on October 4, which has extended the national holiday period to eight days.

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