The 10 most important things in the world right now

In this photograph taken on July 28, 2017, a woman and child walk near the ruins of an ancient Roman aqueduct, in a park in a suburb of Rome. Photo: Getty Images.

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Wednesday.

1. North Korea claims the missile it fired over Japan was one it threatened to aim at Guam in mid August. The Hwasong-12 is an intermediate-range ballistic missile that experts say could carry a nuclear warhead. Kim Jong-Un said it’s the “first step of military operations” in the region.

2. At least 18 deaths have been confirmed, and officials expect the toll to rise, as Hurricane Harvey moves towards Louisiana. Take a look at this dramatic photo of Harvey floodwaters overtaking a freeway. Meanwhile US president Donald Trump arrived in Texas on Tuesday to survey the damage. “What a crowd, what a turnout,” Trump said to assembled supporters.

3. Uber is being investigated over whether it violated laws involving the bribery of foreign officials. The law makes it illegal for individuals and organisations to pay foreign government officials in order to obtain or retain business. It comes as Dara Khosrowshahi accepted the position of Uber CEO after being selected by the company’s board on Sunday.

4. A post-Brexit UK is looking at ways to replicate trade deals the EU akready has with countries outside the bloc. British prime minister Theresa May announced her intentions during a trip to Japan which was designed to reassure investors the UK economy will flourish when it leaves the EU in March 2019.

5. UK retailers are worried food and clothing delays post-Brexit could lead to empty shelves. The country’s leading retail lobby group warned that unless the government does more to prepare now, the Britain risks import shortages of food, wine, clothing, and more.

6. Rome’s “extraordinary drought” has created a water availability problem. With rainfall in Rome is down 70% on the previous three years, water company Acea will be forced to reduce the city’s water pressure next month.

7. France has rejected claims by Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte that people are guilty until proven innocent in its legal system. It follows Duterte’s assessment of the judicial system in France as he defended his controversial war on drugs, which has claimed thousands of lives.

8. China and India have great potential for cooperation, according to the Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi. The two countries will meet on over the weekend at the BRICS summit. It comes after the Asian giants ended a two-month stand-off over a border dispute in the Himalayas.

9. Interpol has issued an international request for the arrest of the billionaire heir to Red Bull. Authorities have been on the hunt for Vorayuth Yoovidhya since 2012 when he reportedly fled to Singapore before a warrant was issued over a fatal hit-and-run that killed a policeman in Bangkok.

10. Kenya just banned plastic bags — and the fine is up to $AU47,595 and jail time. The ban covers the use, importation, or manufacture of plastic bags.

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