The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Tuesday.

1. The US House Intel Committee has imploded amid the Trump-Russia investigation. It comes as members of the committee called for Rep. Devin Nunes to step down as chair.

2. The French presidential campaign is a terrifying farce — and everyone needs to pay attention. Firstly, the country has had two one-term presidents in a row. Secondly, none of the candidates who started off as favourites are still in the race, and now the majority of polls indicate that none of the candidates representing the major political parties will qualify for the second ballot.

3. The number of EU citizens looking for work in Britain is collapsing as Article 50 looms. Job search website Indeed says it has seen traffic from EU countries looking at British listings decline by 18% since the beginning of 2017.

4. Police still don’t know why Khalid Masood committed his terror attack in London and have found “no evidence” he was associated with the Islamic State group or al-Qaida.

5. Cyclone Debbie has smashed Australia with gusts over 260km/h (161.557 miles/hr). The Category 4 storm, which developed in the Coral Sea over the weekend, made landfall in the north eastern part of the country today and is expected to affect regions as far as 100km (62 miles)

6. 18 people were injured after an escalator in Hong Kong unexpectedly reversed direction. Footage of the incident, which occurred over the weekend, has emerged showing the 45-metre-long escalator quickly changed directions at high speed, causing people to fall and pile up at the base of the escalator.

7. Thieves broke into a German museum and stole a massive $4.5 million gold coin. The thieves apparently entered through a window about in the early hours of Monday morning, broke into a cabinet where the “Big Maple Leaf” coin, which weighs a massive 100 kilograms (221 pounds) was kept, and escaped with it before police arrived.

8. US president Donald Trump is asking for $US1 billion to fund the first 62 miles of a US-Mexico border wall. According to CNN documents from the Department of Homeland Security cited the money will pay for: new border wall and replacement fencing in San Diego and new border wall and new levee wall barriers in the Rio Grande Valley region.

9. The Canadian government wants to legalise marijuana by Canada Day 2018. Doing so would fulfill a campaign promise by the prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

10. China can now deploy warplanes to disputed artificial South China Sea islands at any time after completing major construction of military infrastructure on the islands. The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative director, Greg Poling, has since warned to “look for deployments in the near future”.

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