The 10 most important things in the world right now

Philippine soldiers salute during the change of command ceremony at Camp Aguinaldo in Manila. (Photo: Noel Celis/AFP/Getty Images)

Hello! Here’s what’s happening on Friday.

1. The US government released 2,891 files related to the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy. However, President Donald Trump excluded several hundred files, citing “national security” reasons.

2. Australia’s High Court has ruled a number of dual-citizen politicians including the Deputy Prime Minister — were ineligible to stand at the last election. Australia does not allow dual citizens to be members of parliament and the ruling hasshaken the country’s government.

3. EU sources say the UK may not be offered the two-year Brexit transition deal it seeks. UK Prime Minister Theresa May had been seeking a 24-month transition period, but Brussels may offer only 20 months to fit into its budget period.

4. Catalan President Carles Puigdemont has refused to dissolve the regional parliament. The move will likely anger Spain and pave the way on Friday for the government to officially vote to impose direct rule over Catalonia.

5. North Korea will free a South Korean fishing boat it detained six days ago. North Korea said the boat and its crew of 10 was illegally fishing in their waters.

6. Kenya’s election rerun was rocked by violence, riots, and political gangs. Kenya held a presidential election in August that was later ruled invalid by the Supreme Court.

7. Thailand’s year of mourning ended as the funeral for its late king entered its second day. Thailand is hosting a five-day cremation ceremony to mourn the passing of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

8. The Red Cross has begun visiting families of ISIS fighters in Iraq. The group says it is only an intermediary trying to protect more than 1,300 women and children from poor treatment by Iraqi forces.

9. Twitter will ban all ads from the Russian news agencies Sputnik and Russia Today. Twitter will also donate $US1.9 million ($AU2.49 million) it was “projected to have earned from RT global advertising since they became an advertiser in 2011.”

10. Saudi Arabia is the first country to grant citizenship to a robot. The robot is a humanoid called Sophia and earlier this week it mocked Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

And finally …

This timeline shows exactly how the day of JFK’s assassination unfolded.

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