The 10 most important things in the world right now

Colorful art murals are showcased as part of the 2017 Adelaide fringe festival. Photo: Amer Ghazzal/ Barcroft Images via Getty Images.

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Tuesday.

1. Britain’s former business and trade minister believes trade on a global scale will “deteriorate” rather than improve after Brexit. Sir Vince Cable said the idea that Brexit will free the UK from the shackles of EU trade agreements and allow Britain to trade more with nations around the world are a fallacy.

2. The Brexit committee has warned about the impacts of the UK and the EU failing to reach an agreement. The committee said ministers’ claim that “no deal is better than a bad deal” was “unsubstantiated” until an economic assessment was published. The UK is due to leave in March 2019.

3. Chancellor Philip Hammond wants to sell British fintech to India post-Brexit. It comes as Britain’s top financial policymakers begin a two-day visit to India on Tuesday.

4. Russian spies allegedly sought to recruit a former adviser to US president Donald Trump years before the 2016 election. Court files have revealed Victor Podobnyy, one of three men charged in connection with a Cold War-style Russian spy ring, tried to recruit Carter Page, an energy consultant working in New York at the time, as an intelligence source.

5. A Trump associate reportedly set up a secret meeting to establish a back-channel between Trump and Moscow. Days before Trump’s inauguration, Blackwater founder Erik Prince met with a Russian close to Russian president Vladimir Putin in the Seychelles islands to create a communication back-channel between Trump and Russia.

6. The St. Petersburg explosion was carried out by a suicide bomber, according to Russian media. The blast killed at least nine people was carried out by a suicide bomber. The suspect is believed to be a 23-year-old from central Asia.

7. China says US-provided weapons won’t stop unification with Taiwan. It comes as the self-ruled democratic island looks to fresh arms sales by the US amid what it sees as a growing Chinese threat.

8. Putin may be rekindling the space race between Russia and the US. The country’s state-run rocket company, Roscosmos, will enter the space race among US companies, like SpaceX and Blue Origin, which are using reusable rockets to launch satellites into orbit.

9. Colombia has declared an “economic, social and ecological emergency” as the first landslide victims are buried. 262 victims have been laid to rest, while the hunt still continues for any survivors.

10. In Australia, a mother and two children have died after their car slid into a flooded river. Another child, a girl aged 8, managed to escape from the car before it sank and run for help. The deaths bring the number of fatalities associated with ex-tropical Cyclone Debbie to eight.

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