The 10 most important things in the world right now

Benoit Valentin of France competes during the Winter Games NZ FIS Men’s Freestyle Skiing World Cup Halfpipe Finals at Cardrona Alpine Resort on September 1, 2017. Photo: Hannah Peters/ Getty Images.

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Friday.

1. North Korea flagged testing a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean having already called US president Donald Trump “a frightened dog”. This threat to the US is unlike any other from the regime in that it may have been signaling a more personal message for Trump himself.

2. China has reportedly told its banks to stop doing business with North Korea. Reuters says the country’s central bank, told other banks to “strictly implement United Nations sanctions against North Korea”.

3. France’s Winter Olympics team will not travel to the 2018 Games in South Korea if its security cannot be guaranteed. It’s the first major doubts by a participating nation about growing North Korean tensions.

4. The death toll from Mexico’s powerful earthquake has risen to 273. Meanwhile a young girl thought to be trapped in the rubble never existed, according to local officials.

5. Hurricane Maria “leaves 15 dead in Dominica” and 20 others missing, according to the Caribbean island’s prime minister. The hurricane ripped through Dominica as a category four storm on Monday. The PM said it was a miracle that the death toll was not in the hundreds.

6. One section of Trump’s US-Mexico border wall in Texas could prompt “decades of court cases” from private landowners as nearly 5,000 parcels of property could be seized by the US government for border-wall construction.

7. Facebook will release more than 3,000 ads affiliated with Russia to government investigators. Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg outlined the steps his company will take to figure out how inauthentic accounts linked to Russia were able to use the platform to spread fake news and purchase $100,000 worth of political ads during the election.

8. British prime minister Theresa May is expected to propose a two-year transitional deal after Brexit in an attempt to break the deadlock in negotiations. It could include payments worth 20bn euros over the two years.

9. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau used his UN speech to address Canada’s failings regarding indigenous people, saying the country’s legacy of colonialism and its lasting impact on First Nations Canadians was one of “humiliation, neglect and abuse”.

10. Violence erupted during Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s speech in New York. At least three demonstrators were escorted out of the Marriott hotel as Erdogan delivered remarks at an event hosted by the Turkish American National Steering Committee. In May, Erdogan’s security detail was accused of attacking protesters in Washington DC.

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