The 10 most important things in the world right now

Fans watch the solar eclipse in North Carolina. Photo: Jared C. Tilton/ Getty Images.

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Tuesday.

1. US president Donald Trump will increase the US military presence in Afghanistan, despite repeatedly criticising the war for years. Trump said while his instinct was to pull out, after studying the strategy “from every conceivable angle” he will complete the mission Afghanistan.

2. A total solar eclipse over the US produced the most incredible photos. The full effect is visible across a 70-mile-wide band of the country, stretching from Oregon to South Carolina. Meanwhile Trump looked at the eclipse without glasses despite a shouted warning from an aide.

3. A rivalry between two nuclear powers is on the verge of escalating. Tensions between China and India have been festering for two months but the ongoing standoff in the Himalayas could push it past boiling point.

4. North Korea warns of Australia’s “suicidal act” as the Australian Defence Force joins in vast US-South Korea war games. Around 25 Australian defence personnel are taking part in the Ulchi-Freedom Guardian exercise in South Korea.

5. Scotland and Wales will meet on Tuesday to reach a common strategy to protect parliamentary powers, which they say are under threat from Britain’s plan to leave the European Union.

6. The US Navy will launch a fleet-wide probe as the search for 10 missing sailors continues. It follows collision between a US destroyer and a merchant vessel in waters near Singapore and Malaysia yesterday.

7. An earthquake in Italy has killed at least one person and injured 25 others. The 4.0 magnitude quake hit the holiday island of Ischia, about a one-hour ferry ride south-west from Naples.

8. A tourist carved his name into the Rome’s Colosseum and could face fines of up to $US23,000 ($AU29,000). The Ecuadorian visitor carved the names of his wife and child onto the ancient site, which attracts nearly 7 million people annually.

9. Denmark’s future king was turned away from a bar in Australia because he didn’t have ID. New laws in the state of Queensland, introduced last month, mean anyone entering a licensed venue in the capital, Brisbane, after 10pm needs identification.

10. Australia’s prime minister has confirmed he will be voting “yes” for same-sex marriage. If the country agrees with him following the two-month-long postal vote starting in September, amendments to the Marriage Act will be tested in a free vote in parliament, although the vote is currently subject to a High Court challenge.

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