The 10 most important things in the world right now

A police officer stands by the Sagrada Familia basilica in Barcelona on August 20, 2017, before a mass to commemorate victims of two devastating terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils/ Getty Images.

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Monday.

1. Thousands have attended a mass in Sagrada Familia to mourn the Barcelona attack victims. 14 died and more than 100 were injured in a terrorist attack on Las Ramlas last week. The latest victim to be identified was 7-year-old Australian boy Julian Cadman.

2. The terror cell that carried the attack on Las Ramblas had collected 120 gas canisters and was planning to use them in vehicle attacks, according to Spanish authorities. Canisters were found at a house, said to be used by the cell, that blew up in the town of Alcanar on Wednesday night.

3. 10 people are sailors and five are injured after a US Navy destroyer collided with tanker near Singapore. A search-and-rescue operation is underway with the help of local authorities.

4. US president Donald Trump’s support is cratering — and some think that leaves him open to a primary challenger in 2020.

5. On Monday Trump will present his strategy for the war in Afghanistan, America’s longest military conflict. The issue is a problem that vexed his two predecessors and he has long been skeptical of the US approach in the region.

6. The US and South Korea are conducting computer-simulated military drills in South Korea. While the US describes the drills as defensive in nature, they will no doubt provoke the North just one week after it backed down from a threat to send missiles towards Guam.

7. Chinese and Indian troops have clashed with stones high along their border in the Himalayas, adding to simmering tensions along the two countries’ shared border. The early-morning confrontation lasted about 30 minutes and was resolved after both sides conducted banner drills and retreated to their respective outposts.

8. Up to 1.8 million Scottish votes were “wasted” in June’s UK general election because they did not go towards electing an MP under Westminster’s first-past-the-post (FPTP) system. The Electoral Reform Society said there had been a “sea of wasted votes and a surge in tactical voting”.

9. The London Fire Brigade says more people will die from fires started by faulty white goods if ministers do not act to implement safety guidelines. Their call follows the Grenfell Tower fire, which killed 80 people. That fire was started by a fridge-freezer.

10. Wall Street’s biggest bear thinks bitcoin will surge to $US6,000 ($AU7,573). Fundstrat founder Tom Lee says the big driver of this 29% rally through mid-2018 would be greater public awareness of bitcoin as a method of payment and as a store of value like gold.

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