The 10 most important things in the world right now

Millie Bongiorno of Australia competes in Women’s Giant Slalom on day two of the 2017 Sapporo Asian Winter Games at Sopporo Teine in Japan. Photo: Matt Roberts/ Getty Images.

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Monday.

1. US president Donald Trump’s lawyer hand-delivered to Michael Flynn a secret plan to lift sanctions on Russia before Flynn was asked to resign, according to the New York Times.

2. Trump’s baffling “Sweden” comment came from a Fox News segment suggesting a security threat in the Scandinavian country.

3. Trump isn’t adjusting well to life in the White House — he’s reportedly experiencing “cabin fever” after his first month in office.

4. Washington is preparing to bring North Koreans to US for talks. A meeting would be the clearest indication yet that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un wants to communicate with the new Trump administration.

5. China will suspend all coal imports from North Korea after Pyongyang tested an intermediate-range ballistic missile — its first direct challenge to the international community since Trump took office on January 20.

6. There is a radical plan to save China from air pollution. It includes office blocks, homes and hotels decked from top to toe in shrubbery and plant life.

7. There’s an alliance growing between Saudi Arabia and Israel — and Iran should be worried. The pair agree that Tehran be punished for propping up the Syrian government, developing ballistic missiles and funding separatists in Yemen.

8. A Brexit U-turn is unlikely. While officially the door remains open to Britain to stay, many on the continent would not welcome a U-turn now. One senior EU diplomat said, “we have moved on and the last thing anyone wants now is to reopen the whole issue”.

9. Germany’s center-left Social Democrats pose a threat to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s leadership after an unexpected surge by the opposing political party has caught Merkel and her conservatives off guard.

10. Former Italian Premier Matteo Renzi has resigned as Democratic Party leader. But he still wants the job with a new stronger mandate and that push has triggered battle against left-leaning factions that threatens the stability of the center-left parliamentary majority.

And finally…

China has a flamethrowing drone

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