The 10 most important things in the world right now

Three people have been killed and 20 are injured after a man deliberately drove his car into pedestrians in Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne. Photo: Darrian Traynor/ Getty Images.

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Friday.

1. The presidential inauguration of Donald Trump kicks off in a matter of hours, and the committee has raised a record $90 million to pay for the festivities. Big-time donors like Boeing, Chevron, AT&T, Verizon, and Coca-Cola are among the corporations that pitched in funds.

2. Meanwhile Washington and New York are bracing for anti-Trump protests ahead of the ceremony. Some 900,000 people, both Trump backers and opponents, are expected to turn out for the event.

3. British prime minister Theresa May has spoken at Davos, and it’s clear she is the new Tony Blair. As Jim Edwards reports: “Her speech was an explicit bid for the centre ground. She — somewhat surprisingly — rejected some longheld Tory orthodoxies. And, as she has done before, adopted some of Labour’s old policies.”

4. The US just put China on notice by putting US Marine Corps F-35Bs in Iwakuna, Japan. While basing them in Asia shows China that the US means business when it comes to the Pacific, China may be ready with a counterpunch.

5. Mexico’s Supreme Court has dismissed appeals by drug lord “El Chapo” against his extradition to the US. The Supreme Court reportedly passed the appeals to a separate “collegiate” panel of judges for it to issue a ruling against Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

6. The CEO of Goldman Sachs said Britain was the perfect place for the bank — before Brexit ruined it. His call comes as banks pull back from Britain post-Brexit, scared the UK will lose the right to sell financial services to Europe.

7. Bill Gates has warned that a new kind of terrorism — bio-terrorism — could be on its way, and its “potential damage is very, very huge”. While an organisation, which his foundation works with, has about $700 million to combat it, Gates worries it won’t be enough to stop a related threat.

8. Paris is closing in on London as Europe’s startup capital. Research from CB Insights suggests investments in France-based startups in the third quarter of 2016 almost reached the value of investments in tech firms based in the UK.

9. China is canning construction on 103 power projects, scrapping what would amount to a massive 120 gigawatts of coal-fired electricity capacity if the plants were completed. It move is part of its move toward more renewable energy.

10. Three people are dead and another 20 injured after a man plowed down pedestrians on a footpath in Australia. Police have arrested the driver. It is not believed to terrorism related.

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