The 10 most important things in the world right now

North Korean figure skaters perform at a figure skating festival in Pyongyang annually to celebrate Kim Jong-Il, the leader who oversaw the North’s first nuclear tests. Photo: Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images

Hello! The weekend starts here.

1. 77 minutes of the best ever reality TV show. Or as some called it, US president Donald Trump’s press conference. The reviews are already in. “Wow” said Fox & Friends. We said: “among the most surreal and unprecedented the US has witnessed in 228 years of having a president”.

2. America is on drugs and they’re cheaper than candy, Trump said. A reporter asked how the nation could trust someone who lied about the size of their election victory. So how crazy was this? Here are some highlights.

3. The next guy in line to replace Michael Flynn as national security adviser has turned it down. Trump offered the job to former Navy SEAL commander and retired vice-admiral Robert Harward on Monday, sources say. He’s thought it over. The answer’s no.

4. Brexit might not happen according to senior Labour MP Ben Bradshaw. The former Culture Secretary sees two possibilities as just how bad things could get starts to dawn on Brits : “Either the government lets the United Kingdom drop off the cliff, or it pulls back.” Meanwhile, French National Front leader Marine Le Pen, who’s running for president, said “Brexit has been a powerful weapon for us“.

5.The reasons behind Britain’s inflation surge are not what most think. Societe Generale strategist Albert Edwards says it’s nothing to do with Brexit but rather a much wider trend. It’s “stupidity” to link inflation result of the pound’s fall, because US and German inflation have bounced even quicker than the UK.

6. There’s a major power struggle going on in China. Observers think President Xi Jiping’s failure to nominate potential successors for a smooth transition in 2023 may indicate he’s thinking of ignoring convention in favour of a third term to 2028.

7. Snap thinks it’s worth about $US22 billion. Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc., is seeking to price its initial public offering at $US14 to $16 a share, raising about $3.2 billion, with Snap getting $2.1-$2.3 billion and the rest going to the founders and other insiders.

8. YouTube biggest earner, PewDiePie, returned fire over anti-Semitism allegations. YouTube cancelled his show and Disney split from a joint venture with the 27-year-old Swede, who returned to YouTube to give his side of the controversy and retort “Nice try, Wall Street Journal. Try again mother——-“.

9. Samsung boss Lee Jae-Yong has been arrested over corruption claims. The vice-chairman and notional head of the world’s biggest smartphone maker is facing bribery, corruption and embezzlement charges over payments Samsung made to a close friend of South Korean president Park Geun-hye, who has been impeached over the scandal.

10. Be careful what you keep on your phone or computer if you’re heading to the US. US Border agents can check through your phone and electronic devices, so here are some tips on how to protect data you want to keep private.

And finally…

Want to look at beautiful as Kate Middleton? The Duchess of Cambridge’s beautician suggests a Nutella face mask.

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