The 10 most important things in the world right now

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Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Tuesday.

1. US president Donald Trump reportedly revealed highly classified information to the Russians last week. The Washington Post reported Monday that one official said Trump “revealed more information to the Russian ambassador than we have shared with our own allies.” The move could have jeopardised a key source of intelligence about the Islamic State terror group. Trump’s national security adviser denies the accusations.

2. Now US national security experts say Trump’s alleged sharing of classified info with Russia “may breach his oath of office”. Lawfare, a website by national security experts and former members of the US intelligence community, said that if true, it is “perhaps the gravest allegation of presidential misconduct in the scandal-ridden four months of the Trump administration”.

3. This time it wasn’t only White House press secretary Sean Spicer who was hiding from answering questions. Other White House officials were reportedly “hiding in offices” after the news broke.

4. The 22-year-old who saved the world from a malware virus has been named. “Accidental hero” Marcus Hutchins managed to slow down the spread of a malware virus that affected 150 countries by registering a garbled domain name hidden in the malware to track the virus.

5. And it looks like North Korea might have links to the cyberattack. Security experts are cautiously linking it to the Lazurus Group, which was behind the 2014 hack on Sony Pictures, after a Google security researcher found similarities between code within the software used in the attack and other tools believed to have been created by the Lazarus Group in the past.

6. Google DeepMind received 1.6 million British National Health Service patient records through a legally inappropriate deal. The London-based artificial intelligence (AI) research lab acquired by Google in 2014, was quietly given access to the records in 2015 to help it develop a mobile app, called Streams, on the legal basis that it was offering “direct care.” The majority of patients had no idea a Google-owned company had access to their data.

7. French president Emmanuel Macron has called for a “historic reconstruction” of Europe, which he says is “the only reaction” to fight populism. Speaking alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the pair plan to work together on defence, eurozone reform and reducing bureaucracy to strengthen the European Union.

8. The US is accusing Syria of killing thousands of prisoners and burning the bodies. The US State Department said it thought about 50 detainees a day were being hanged at the Saydnaya military prison, with many of the bodies then burned in a crematorium.

9. China and India have surpassed the US to become the two most attractive countries for renewable energy investment, according to a report by UK accountancy firm Ernst & Young. America dropped from first to third place, due to a shift in Trump’s energy policies.

10. Roger Federer says he will skip French Open. Instead he plans to prepare to play on grass and hard courts later this season.

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