The 10 most important things in the world right now

A silhouette of the Houses of Parliament and Elizabeth Tower at dusk, in Westminster, London. Prime Minister Theresa May announced a snap general election on June 8. (Photo by Yui Mok/PA Images via Getty Images)

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Wednesday.

1. Britain is heading to polls on June 8. Prime minister Theresa May has called for a snap election in just six weeks’ time, now saying it is in “the national interest” to so, after previously repeatedly ruling it out. Two Labour MPs have already confirmed they will stand down before the poll, with more expected to do the same in coming weeks. Here’s everything you need to know about the early election.

2. Could a UK Labour government reverse Article 50 and undo Brexit? It’s a scenario that Business Insider’s Jim Edwards posed following the election announcement. While he admits it would be “by some miracle” if the Opposition won, the short answer is yes. But it would take a very, very unlikely series of events.

3. Britons are spending 50% less on European property since the Brexit vote. And it comes down to the weak pound caused by the Brexit vote, according to research from payment card firm Fexco. The data indicates that Britons spent 52% less in sterling terms on Eurozone property in the first three months of 2017 compared with the same period last year.

4. Denmark is trying to block Britain “taking back control” of its fishing waters after Brexit. The Nordic country plans to launch a legal case that could find its way to the International Court of Justice.

5. The “Facebook killer” is dead. Steve Stephens posted a video of himself shooting and killing a man on Facebook on Sunday. Since then there had been a nationwide manhunt for him in the US. On Tuesday afternoon police said he died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head after a brief pursuit by Pennsylvania state police. Before the car chase, however, Stephens stopped at a McDonald’s drive-thru where employees held up his french fry order and tipped off the police.

6. US president Donald Trump has signed an executive order targeting skilled foreign workers. The H-1B visa program has been assailed for years by critics who say it is used by companies to hire cheap, foreign workers in place of Americans. Meanwhile in Australia, many people feel like prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has taken a leaf out of Trump’s book with his proposed changes to the 457 visa for skilled workers.

7. North Korea reportedly formed special-operations forces “for the first time” amid tensions with the US. Pyongyang announced the Korean People’s Army special forces during a military parade over the weekend, which marked the anniversary of the 105th birthday of Kim Il Sung, who founded the country and is the grandfather of current leader Kim Jong Un.

8. A US Navy photo has revealed that its aircraft carrier is nowhere near North Korea, despite announcing on April 8 that the USS Carl Vinson vessel would head to the Korean peninsula amid soaring tensions between the two countries.

9. Meanwhile the US has intercepted two Russian bombers near Alaska’s coast. A pair of F-22 Raptor aircraft intercepted the Russian TU-95 Bear bombers on Monday. The intercept was “safe and professional,” according to US Navy Commander Gary Ross.

10. Shanghai is getting an entire “farming district” with towering vertical farms and seed libraries. The 250-acre agricultural district, called Sunqiao Shanghai, which will function as a space to work, live, shop, and farm food.

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