The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Wednesday.

1. British prime minister Theresa May is preparing to trigger Article 50 without knowing whether it’s “revocable”. The Brexit bill is set to be presented to the Queen in the next few days and upon its signing May can formally start the legal process through which Britain would leave the European Union. But legal authorities aren’t sure whether Article 50 is reversible if Britain changes its mind.

2. Support for Scottish independence is at its highest-ever level, according to the Scottish Social Attitudes survey, which also suggested the popularity of the European Union has fallen.

3. The Netherlands is voting for its next prime minister today. The election is particularly meaningful as it is seen as a bellwether for the French and German elections later this year.

4. And far-right politician Geert Wilders — in the running to be the country’s next leader — has pledged is to “de-Islamise” the Netherlands. Among other pledges in the controversial leader of the Freedom Party’s manifesto includes making the Netherlands independent “including from the EU”.

5. Turkey’s president has accused the Dutch of being responsible for Srebrenica — the biggest massacre in Europe since World War II. President Erdogan blamed the Dutch for failing to prevent the killing of 8,000 Bosnian Muslims when Bosnian Serb forces overran the town in 1995. In response, Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has accused him of “a disgusting falsification of history.” Erdogan’s comments are expected to escalate a row between the two countries after the Dutch banned two Turkish ministers from addressing political rallies in The Netherlands.

6. The White House has released some information about US president Donald Trump’s 2005 tax returns after MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s show teased that it had obtained part of the forms.

7. Intelligence officials are not plotting a takeover of the US presidency. Vice president Mike Pence put to bed the claims made by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange that officials were pushing for “a Pence takeover,” calling the allegations “absurd.”

8. A loophole in the 25th Amendment lets 14 people remove a sitting US president from office. The people who could depose Trump include vice president Mike Pence and 13 of his 24-member Cabinet.

9. China is “ready to counter” the defensive US missile system meant to stop North Korean nukes. It comes as a South Korean court’s decision to uphold the impeachment of Park Geun-hye, the country’s former president, fanned hopes Seoul might put plans for the Terminal High Altitude Area ­Defence system on hold.

10. Winter storm Stella hit Manhattan. Watch it move over the city in just 60 seconds.

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