The 10 most important things in the world right now

Venezuelans queue outside a polling station during regional elections in Caracas. The October 15 vote is seen as a crucial test for President Nicolas Maduro after months of deadly protests failed to unseat him. (Photo: Juan Barreto/AFP/Getty Images)

1. At least 276 people died and 300 were injured in Somalia after the country’s deadliest ever attack. A truck bomb exploded near a crowded street lined with government ministries on Saturday. No group has yet claimed responsibility.

2. US President Donald Trump decertified, but did not withdrawn from, the Iran nuclear arrangement on Friday. The deal aimed to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapons and the latest announcement leaves its fate, and potential new sanctions, in the hands of Congress.

3. Iraqi forces say they have taken control of “vast areas” in Kurdish-held Kirkuk. State media has reported that Iraqi forces moved towards an airbase and oilfields in the Kurdish region in response to a recent independence vote.

4. UK Prime Minister Theresa May is again headed to Brussels to speak with the EU’s Chief Negotiator Michel Barnie. After Brexit talks hit a “deadlock” last week May spoke with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and agreed to “continued constructive progress”.

5. Catalonia’s leader has until 10am on Monday local time (8am GMT) to announce the region’s position on independence. If independence is declared and not withdrawn by Thursday Spain will, for the first time, suspend the region’s autonomy and impose direct rule.

6. Despite rising tensions, diplomatic efforts are continuing between the US and North Korea says Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Tillerson said on the weekend that Trump requested diplomatic efforts continue, saying he will do so “until the first bomb drops”.

7. Meanwhile North Korea has renewed its threat to hit Guam with a missile as US-South Korea drills begin on Monday. The joint navy exercises have been called “reckless moves” by North Korean state media and said the US needs to be “tamed with fire”.

8. Some Islamic State fighters have evacuated Raqqa in Iraq. US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces surrounded ISIS fighters last week in the lead up to a likely final showdown. The fighters who left took civilians with them as shields.

9. Austria is set to elect the world’s youngest leader, 31-year-old Sebastian Kurz. Kurz is head of the conservative People’s Party and on track to win 31% of Sunday’s vote, but without a majority he will need to form a coalition to govern.

10. Hurricane Ophelia is due to hit Ireland’s west coast on Monday. Ophelia will be the strongest storm the country has seen in more than 50 years and is considered a “potential danger to life”. Warnings are in place for several counties from 9am Monday to 3am Tuesday.

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