The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Tuesday.

1. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is celebrating a narrow referendum win. It gives him sweeping new powers, cements his party’s position, and left his rivals demanding a major recount. sent the lira is surging. Turkish protesters have taken to the streets shouting “thief, murderer, Erdogan”.

2. Erdogan’s win creates some uncertainty around how he will direct Turkey’s military , which is the second-largest in NATO. Since 2015 the Turkish military has been partnered with the US-led anti-ISIS coalition amid pressure to crack down on the terror group. Now it is unclear what action Erdogan, who now has more power and less of a need for legitimacy from the West, will take.

3. North Korea’s embarrassing missile failure may have been due to US cyber sabotage. A recent New York Times report uncovered a secret operation to derail North Korea’s nuclear-missile program that has been raging for at least three years. The US has since warned that there would be a “significant international response” if the North conducts another nuclear test.

4. America’s show of force toward North Korea may be “just adding fuel to the fire,” according to Jenny Town, the assistant director of the US-Korea Institute. She argues the two countries need to have some level of exploratory talks, saying: “Until you get to the table you don’t even know what’s on the table.”

5. There’s a nationwide search for the “Facebook killer” in the US. Steve Stephens, 37, is now at the centre of a national manhunt after he posted a video on Facebook which depicted him pulling a gun and shooting and killing 74-year-old Robert Godwin on Sunday.

6. The British economy is “no longer is shaking off the adverse consequences of the Brexit vote,” according to economists at Pantheon Macroeconomics, who also think “markets are under-pricing the chances of a soft-ish Brexit”.

7. At least 12 people were injured after an acid attack in a London nightclub. A “corrosive substance” was reportedly hurled over a crowd of people inside the Mangle basement club in the early hours of Monday morning after a dispute between two groups of people escalated. The substance has not yet been identified.

8. Australia’s key visa program for skilled migrant workers has been abolished. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is scrapping the visa that allows temporary foreign workers to be employed in Australia with plans to replace it with two short term visa options that make it harder for workers to gain permanent residency.

9. Hundreds of Palestinians in an Israeli jail are on a hunger strike, protesting poor conditions and an Israeli policy of detention without trial that has been applied against thousands since the 1980s.

10. 120 people are dead after buses evacuating Syrians were bombed outside Aleppo. Dozens of children were among those killed. Thousands of Syrians have been evacuated from besieged areas in recent months under deals between Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s government and rebels fighting for six years to unseat him.

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