The 10 most important things in the world right now

This photo taken on March 13, 2017 shows dark clouds covering the sky over Sydney harbour.
A severe weather warning remained on the second day throughout the New South Wales with thunderstorms and heavy rainfall forecast. Photo: Saeed Khan/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Tuesday.

1. The Brexit bill giving British prime minister Theresa May the power to trigger Article 50 has passed. Both houses of parliament voted to pass the Brexit bill unamended. As part of their decision MPs overturned two amendments that would have protected the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and ensured that parliament had a “meaningful vote” on the terms of Brexit at the end of the Article 50 negotiating process.

2. May is now expected to trigger Article 50 later in this month. She was previously expected to do it — the two year process by which Britain will leave the EU — as early as Tuesday afternoon.

3. But British firms are “seriously concerned” about crippling tariffs and border delays after Brexit. A new report from House of Lords EU committee warns that leaving the EU customs union, which currently appears likely, carried significant risks, and said it was “imperative” that the government seeks a UK-EU trade deal which avoids the introduction of tariffs in both directions.

4. Now Scotland is readying for yet another referendum on independence from the UK. But doing so could be the worst decision the country could make right now when you look only at the economic arguments.

5. The US Justice Department has requested more time to prepare evidence for president Donald Trump’s wiretapping claim. It has requested “additional time to review the request in compliance with the governing legal authorities and to determine what if any responsive documents may exist.”

6. Another 24 million more Americans could be uninsured under “Trumpcare”. The findings from the US Congressional Budget Office were a part of a report detailing the possible effects of the American Health Care Act, the Republican leadership’s plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

7. A US Navy SEAL team is rumoured to be training for a decapitation strike against North Korea’s Kim regime. While the US military says it doesn’t train for such missions, a decapitation force would fit with earlier reports that the White House is considering military action against the Kim regime. Now, Pyongyang is warning of “merciless” strikes against the US.

8. New York City is about to get hit by a massive blizzard. Most forms of mass transit have now been suspended ahead of storm which is expected to hit the East Coast on Tuesday.

9. Billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman finally got out of a monster losing trade. Ackman is selling his entire stake in Valeant Pharmaceuticals valued at $US306 million ($AU405 million or £251 million).

10. Poland is “100 percent” sure an ex-Nazi commander is living in Minnesota. The man, Michael Karkoc, 98, is suspected of contributing to the death of 44 Polish people.

And finally…

A tennis court and pool just sold in Sydney, Australia for $AU5.3 million — the house was not included

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