The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here’s what you need to know on Friday.

1. Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has resigned. Tensions with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reached a tipping point Thursday over a new constitution.

2. US House Speaker Paul Ryan said he is not ready to support Donald Trump, his party’s presumptive presidential nominee. The speaker said in a CNN interview that he cannot support or endorse Trump until he unifies the Republican Party.

3. The massive wildfire raging in Canada has grown eight times since Wednesday. The wildfire has forced the entire town of over 88,000 people to evacuate.

4. The US and NATO are increasing military readiness to deter Russian aggression. New NATO commander US Army Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti stressed the importance of a ready, agile force that could “fight tonight” against a “resurgent” and threatening Russia.

5. Apple and German software company SAP signed a key partnership. The deal is designed to push the iPhone and iPad into more businesses everywhere.

6. Goldman Sachs made more job cuts in its securities business. The cuts bring the headcount reduction in the fixed-income, currencies and commodities business to around 10%.

7. North Korea kicked off the first congress of its ruling Workers’ Party in 36 years on Friday. Kim Jong Un is expected to further consolidate his control over the country.

8. Some of the most influential members of the Republican Party are planning to sit out Donald Trump’s coronation at the Republican National Convention, including former presidential nominees Mitt Romney and John McCain, and former Presidents George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush.

9. Africa’s largest oil producer just took another huge blow, as it looks like the flow of foreign capital into Nigeria is drying up.

10. Disney has finally found its young Han Solo. Twenty six-year-old Alden Ehrenreich will play the gunslinging smuggler in one of the planned “Star Wars” spin-off movies.

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