The 10 most important things in the world right now

Hello! Here’s what’s happening on Wednesday.

1. Special Counsel Robert Mueller threatened to subpoena US President Donald Trump if he refuses to testify under oath. Trump’s legal team says he has no obligation to answer questions from Mueller under oath.

2. Kim Jong Un reportedly agreed to meet Trump at the Korean Peninsula’s DMZ. Several locations are being considered for the US-North Korea summit, although Trump appeared to nod towards the DMZ as the ideal location for the meeting.

3. France and Australia took aim at China with pointed comments about following the rule of law. Australia has been closely monitoring China’s growing influence in the region and their ties are straining.

4. Israel made its Iran heist public to challenge Trump’s talks with European leaders. Israel is eagerly trying to convince Trump to reconsider the Iran nuclear deal while France and Europe are pushing him to stay in it.

5. The White House blamed a typo, then Obama, for a major error in a statement on Iran’s nuclear program. The corrected statement initially said Iran currently “has” a secret nuclear program, which could have led to major implications on the nuclear deal.

6. Paris erupted during a May Day rally, with protesters torching a McDonald’s. More than 1,000 protesters from a far-left anarchist group took over the rally organised by labour unions protesting economic reforms.

7. Singapore Airport could soon use facial recognition to identify late passengers. The airport’s newest terminal, T4, already uses facial recognition technology to offer self-service options at check-in, bag drop, immigration and boarding.

8. Palestine’s president implied Jews brought the Holocaust onto themselves.Jewish groups hit back after the president said Jews were massacred because of their ties to money lending.

9. Facebook is adding a ‘Clear History’ feature that deletes all browsing. The company is recovering from a massive privacy scandal and admitted most of its 2 billion users may have had their personal data scraped by “malicious actors.”

10. And Facebook is also making a dating app to rival Tinder. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the dating service features will be designed to help Facebook users find long-term relationships, “not just hookups.”

And finally…

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